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Cam is a licensed ServiceSeeking electrician from WA with a difference. His company – Total Future Energy Innovations – is focused on smart electrical solutions to power our homes on a smaller environmental footprint and save money from increasingly high electricity bills.

We sat down with Cam who gave us three easy things every Aussie household can do to save money on their electricity bills

Replace your home’s lighting with LEDs

Supercharge your home’s lighting efficiency with LEDs that are just as bright as traditional globes but consume far less power as well as last much longer before they need replacing. Cam advises to install high quality LEDs which can last up to 100,000 hours of lighting (about 8 years of average use) versus just 1,000 hours from cheaper non-LED globes. Installation quotes to install LEDs will cost about $45 per fitting. One halogen downlight can also power the equivalent of 20 energy efficient LEDs, making it well worthwhile to have a professional electrician install new lighting

Know your peak and off-peak periods

Depending on your energy company and plan, it’s very likely you’ll be charged difference usage rates according to different times of day. Make sure you know when your off peak periods begin. For example, AGL charges much higher peak rates when you use electricity between 3pm – 9pm.

Image from AGL

One easy way to save money by using the same amount of electricity is to simply schedule energy intensive activities outside of peak periods, for example, running washing machines, clothes dryers and ironing during the weekends or later in the evening. 

Is your plasma TV sucking up power?

Once one of the fastest selling types of flat screen TV’s, plasmas have horrible energy efficiency compared to LED and LCD sets. Cam says “one whole month of standard use of a standard LCD TV can be the equivalent of watching a similarly sized Plasma for just an hour’! Although these are less popular to buy now, if you’re still running a plasma TV, switching to a more modern and efficient LCD screen won’t take long to pay back in terms of energy and power savings.

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