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What the CEO learnt when he became a customer


ServiceSeeking CEO Jeremy Levitt

When our co-CEO Jeremy Levitt recently moved house, he was just another customer looking for help on the ServiceSeeking site.

So what did he learn from his own experience that might be valuable to other customers who want to find a service provider…

What factors were important to you as a customer in choosing a business?

Jeremy: Moving with two kids is stressful enough, so I wanted reliable businesses. Price is important because no-one wants to pay more than they need to, but the cheapest quote wasn’t necessarily going to win. Reviews – both on the site and external – were high priority and one of the first things I looked at. I also read their business page and checked out their photos so I could get to know a little more about who was going to help me.

What separated your chosen businesses from their competitors?

Jeremy: Communication was a big factor in my decision – the removalist I chose was quick to quote and quick to respond to questions I had too. They were actually one of the more expensive companies, but they had 290 reviews and a 5 star rating. I was confident going with them and they didn’t disappoint, so in turn I’m happy to post a positive review about my experience which can in turn help the next customer decide on whether they are the right business for them. I also know that businesses that quote cheap often have hidden charges so wanted someone upfront with pricing. They helped make a difficult day run as smooth as possible.

What have you learnt from your own experience?

Jeremy: That the process is exactly as we had intended. Posting a job was easy and quotes came within minutes. The disappointing aspect was the lack of immediate response to some questions I asked businesses after listing my job. I was expecting businesses to reply sooner than 48 hours. Speedy Move and Correct Green Cleaning Solutions always replied within minutes.