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Rammi, RK Designs

Rammi the Building Designer believes in Practicality

Rammi opened his business, RK Designs, in 2007 after studying and working as a draftsman for 10 years. His team have completed over 300 projects, yet Rammi ensures that each customer receives a personalised experience. His favourite part of the job is seeing the finished product, “I love watching our clients faces light up when they see their new home.”

What does your business do best?

“RK designs specialise in negotiating with council and creating designs that comply with council restrictions,” Rammi says of his business. 

“RK designs strives to incorporate our customers individual design flare while making sure it is practical and function.”

Communication is key

“Customer satisfaction is the most important part of RK designs. We maintain constant communication with our clients, and make sure to include everything on their wish list so that they leave with a smile. That is the best way to develop a good reputation.”

Rammi invests a lot of energy into his customers.

“We are helping them build their dream, its a big responsibility”.

Rammi’s top tips

When looking for an architectural drafting company Rammi suggests to avoid cheap designs, as while you may save a few thousand dollars, more often than not it can lead to a poorly designed home.

“Design can add up to $100,000 to a property, and a well designed home can also save up to $40,000 in building costs.”

For Rammi, practicality is the most important aspect when it comes to designing a home, and finds that customers can occasionally have unrealistic design expectations.

“Design trends come and go, and customers forget that a house is meant for living. It’s important  to feel comfortable around your home.”

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