Get Protected: ServiceSeeking Job Cover

How it works

Simply click on “Choose This Business” on your job page to mark and confirm that you have hired a particular business for a job that you posted on the site. It’s important to do this before the work starts so that you can be eligible for our $1,000 Cover.

In the rare event that damage occurs, please make sure to email us at within 14 days after the job was done. We’ll try to respond to your email as soon as we can so that we can assist you with your claim. Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

What it covers

The Program covers up to $1,000 for damage caused on a property you own or rent. The damage must be a result of the negligence of the business you reported to hiring the site prior to the start date of the job.

The Cover excludes losses in cash and securities as well as damage to personal items or pets. Service Seeking will request proof of the alleged damage and investigate all claims under this Program to determine an appropriate and fair resolution.

Claims Checklist ensures to reach a fair decision for every situation. In order for us to do this, we need you to provide certain documents to help us review your claim thoroughly.

Here’s a checklist of info details that you need to send us:

⬜ Your name
⬜ Complaint submission date (should be within 14 days of job end date for $1k cover or within 6 months for $3k, $5k, and $8k covers)
⬜ Your email address
⬜ Your contact number
⬜ Job ID
⬜ Job post date
⬜ Date when the job was posted
⬜ Job description (as posted)
⬜ Hire date
⬜ Job start date
⬜ Job end date
⬜ Main issue (e.g. unprofessional behaviour, faulty workmanship, missing compliance certificate, stolen deposit, property damage)
⬜ Details of business in question
⬜ Business name
⬜ Business email address
⬜ Business contact number

And here are documents you should submit when lodging your claim:

⬜ Before photos
⬜ After photos
⬜ Rectified-issue photos
⬜ Copy of the contract/agreement with the business that clearly indicates inclusions (if there’s no contract/agreement, you may use the job details on
⬜ Attempts made to get in touch with the business (please include the date when the business was contacted about the issue)
⬜ Have you given the business a chance to fix the issue?
⬜ What was the outcome of these attempts?
⬜ Proof of ownership or legal responsibility of the property covered (ID or proof of billing with name and address)
⬜ Signed and sworn proof of loss within 60 days of incurring the “covered loss”
⬜ Quote or tax invoice to fix the damage
⬜ Filled-out Customer Cover Claim Form
⬜ Amount being claimed
⬜ Have you lodged a claim against the business at the Small Claims Tribunal?
⬜ If you have a $5,000 claim, have you lodged a claim from the public liability and/or other insurance of the Pro business?
⬜ Upload pictures or documents as proof that you have filed a case or tried to claim from the public liability insurance of the business.
⬜ Have you read the Terms and Conditions relevant to the cover?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a claim?

Before lodging a claim with Service Seeking, make sure that you have contacted the business to rectify the issue. If the business declined to fix the issue or pay for the damage, email us at Please include the date when the job was done, the business that you hired to do your job, and photos and other documents that may serve as proof for your claim.

What documents should I submit to Service Seeking?

We will need you to send us proof of ownership or legal responsibility for the Covered Property. This may include receipts, photos, videos, and other documents that are certified by you as true and correct. You must also send us a copy of a signed and sworn proof of loss within 60 days from the date when the damage occurred.

How long does the process take?

The time it takes to process a claim depends on several factors such as the documentation you provide and the complexity of the damage or issue. We will also be contacting the business to let them know about your complaint or claim, so this will certainly affect the processing time. Rest assured, we’ll do our best to reach a proper resolution within a reasonable time.

Do I still need my own insurance?

The Service Seeking Job Cover is not insurance. It does not insure you or any other person, and it does not cover all types of property. It only covers a property that you own or rent, and it is only limited to property damage caused by the services rendered by the business that you hired.

If you wish to have additional protection for items that are not covered by this Program, we encourage you to purchase separate insurance.

Who should I talk to if I have questions about the Terms & Conditions?

For questions or clarifications regarding our Terms and Conditions, please send an email to If you are a customer and want to report an issue, please direct your concerns to


Different forms of ServiceSeeking cover offered on your job

We share our businesses’ commitment to excellence. That’s why, when you hire a business on, you have multiple ways to protect yourself from accidents and property damage to reduce your risk of hiring one of our local experts.

Unfortunately things can go wrong so we have your back by offering up to $8,000 in cover in case disaster strikes.

The forms of cover we offer are set out below, and you can combine the $3k Cover and $5k Cover to obtain a total of $8k Cover for the ultimate level of protection. In the case of all forms of cover that we provide, T&Cs apply and you acknowledge that by hiring a business on, you are bound by the relevant T&Cs.

•   (Base Cover) $1,000 cover for property damage, provided you mark the business as hired by clicking “Choose This Business” on the website before the job commences. T&Cs apply.

•   ($3k Cover) $3,000 cover for property damage, stolen deposits and faulty workmanship. This is a paid upgrade that we currently offer for $19.95. T&Cs apply.

•   ($5k Cover) $5,000 cover for property damage, stolen deposits and faulty workmanship if you hire one of our “Pro” businesses. This is free cover but subject to the relevant T&Cs.

•   ($8k Cover) $8,000 cover for property damage, stolen deposits and faulty workmanship if you pay to upgrade your job to $3k Cover (at a cost of $19.95) and you hire one of our Pro Businesses. $3k Cover T&Cs and $5k Cover T&Cs apply.

In the rare event damage occurs, contact us through or call 1300 304 647 and we’ll start helping right away.