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House Repair and Maintenance

roof painting banner Credit Pixabay by roofimages

How To Paint a Roof

Many of the problems homeowners are likely to experience with their roofs can be handled by an experienced handyman. The most common issues that arise with roofs are: leaks, surface corrosion, peeling roof paint, mould, and the seams coming apart. Roof painting is a simple and effective way of maintaining your roof. Did you know […]

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Tiny House In Australia banner Photo courtesy of by Mat Tyrrell

5 Surprising Advantages of Tiny Houses In Australia

Imagine trying to fit an entire home into a building with less than 40sq/m of internal floor space –  approximately the size of one or two typical Australian bedrooms. Would you do it? Because more and more people around the world are doing it, including in Australia, provided they can get past the red tape. […]

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LED downlights in halogen Banner Photo courtesy of Pexels by Milly Eaton

Why You Shouldn’t Install LED Downlights in Halogen Fittings

You’ve finally seen the light. Like millions of other like-minded electricity consumers, you have come to the conclusion that the best way to conserve energy, save on electricity bills and maintenance costs is to adopt LED technology. Your newly purchased bulbs signal that big plans are afoot and you can’t wait to install LED downlights […]

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home for autmn banner Photo courtesy of Pexels by Milly Eaton

4 Surefire Ways to Update Your Home for Autumn

In many parts of Australia, Autumn is a season of colour and warmth. A time for hot tea, cosy slippers and old-school family bonfires. A little rain and a chilly breeze make it an excellent time to shelter inside and enjoy the hues of gold, red and chocolate. Gardens stand tall with fruit trees, and […]

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LED and Halogen banner Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos

What is the Difference Between LED and Halogen Downlights?

The similarities and distinctions between LED and halogen downlights boil down to how they get the job done. One employs incandescence (heats a filament to emit light) while the other one utilises electroluminescence (uses voltage to produce light). It’s easy to confuse the two because they are both mounted in the ceiling cavity, can cast […]

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halogen downlights banner

How to Change Halogen Downlights to LED

Making the switch from halogen downlights to LED is a wise move. By replacing 10 halogen light bulbs with LEDs an average household can expect to save around AU$650 over 10 years on their electricity bill. LED technology will lower your electricity bill and maintenance costs because it uses very little energy to run effectively. […]

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halogen bulb and LED banner

Can I Replace Halogen Bulbs With LED?

You’re at the electronics store and you’re feeling somewhat adventurous. All this talk about LED technology has left you wondering whether it’s time to switch from your halogen lamps to something more low-maintenance. You’re on the right track. LEDs are expected to reach 61% penetration into the global lighting market by 2020. They use less […]

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living area banner Photo courtesy of freepik by @freepik

Renovating a Small Living Area

Research has shown that homes in Australia and New Zealand have decreased in size over time. In fact, house size has hit an all time low in 22 years. The main reason for this is because more apartment buildings are on the rise, which means that floor space will be less than a traditional stand-alone […]

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kitchen area Photo from: Pexel by by Milly Eaton

10 Projects to Tackle Around Your Home if You are Thinking of Selling

Selling a home is a big decision. Reasons for selling your home can include: You’re moving to a new location You need funds that the sale of the home can provide The current market conditions make it a good time to sell and capitalise on your home’s increased value When selling a home, especially in […]

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