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roof painting banner Credit Pixabay by roofimages

How To Paint a Roof

Many of the problems homeowners are likely to experience with their roofs can be handled by an experienced handyman. The most common issues that arise with roofs are: leaks, surface corrosion, peeling roof paint, mould, and the seams coming apart. Roof painting is a simple and effective way of maintaining your roof. Did you know […]

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Wooden Fence Banner Credit flickr by Swan Lawrey

9 Basic Tips for Painting your Wooden Fence

Dear Sad Homeowner, A wooden fence that’s well maintained adds to curb appeal, gives you privacy and is an effective safety measure. One that doesn’t devalue the property and actually enhances it. As you noted, regular maintenance is also important to prevent rotting weathering and deterioration. Regular fence painting with the right fence paint should […]

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paint and maintain banner Credit flickr by Rattan Direct Follow

How to Paint and Maintain a Picket Fence

For so long a symbol of middle-class prosperity, the white picket fence remains a ubiquitous and popular suburban feature for millions of house-proud American and Australian homeowners. It’s been used in advertisements, TV shows, and movies. It’s a symbol of the suburbs and for much of the twentieth century, part of the American Dream of […]

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