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12 Pocket-friendly Tips towards Affordable Landscaping

Have you ever thought of landscaping, redesigning and revamping your yard or garden but money scares you? Landscaping need not be tedious and expensive.

There are so many great ideas out there that do not cost much. It could be a bench that needs sprucing, a patio that needs fixing or a whole new concept that you would like to try out.

A lot can be done with lots of creativity and an open mind. So, how exactly can you get the landscaping done and still remain with some pocket change?

Below are some tips that can be fun to try out, and will look amazing. The whole family can participate and in the end, the results will be breathtaking and your pocket will be left smiling.

Tip #1: Know the factors affecting Landscaping costs

Service Seeking has determined that one of the main factors that affect the cost of landscaping is the list of specific tasks required for the project.

They provide a list of services that can drive costs up. These include;


Getting a design done by an expert will attract a minimal cost. However, prices are affected by the size of the garden and the complexity of the design work done.

To save on costs, one needs to have a design that is not too complex but at the same time has aesthetic value to the property being landscaped. Consider looking at factors affecting landscape design costs.


The types and qualities of plants chosen have an effect on the costs incurred in landscaping. Therefore, to save money go for plants that appeal to your taste and are affordable.


This is an integral part of landscaping and has the biggest effect on the amount of money one spends on the total project. Determine the kind of paving and features you need to achieve the desired goal but still save money.


Is the project one that you can achieve yourself or you need expert assistance? If it is something that you can do, go ahead and DIY. You will be proud of your work and pocket.

Tip #2: Add a Flower bed border

This is one of the easiest, cheapest landscaping idea. Simply add a stone edge and mulch to make plain flower beds beautiful in an instant.

You don’t have to think in terms of one material only. You can combine pebbles with artificial turf (or real turf, if you prefer) to create a beautiful garden.

Tip #3: DIY a Water Feature

Installing a water feature in your garden or property does not cost a lot. The beauty is that you can use items already in the home like broken pots and barrels to achieve this. You can find a sample tutorial at Hometalk.

Tip #4: Put up a Lattice

White crisscross lattice can be a good way to cover up unsightly areas. Vinyl lattice is virtually maintenance-free, and can be purchased for less than $1 per square foot.

These are affordable, and if you have kids, they have an added advantage of preventing them from falling over the staircase.

Tip #5: Get an Old Bench/ Palette furniture

A bench can transform an otherwise plain yard. A bench can be gotten from yard sales and antique shops. Give it a new paint job and place it under a tree or next to a flower bed to create an awesome sense of place.

Creating furniture out of old wooden pallets has to be one of the easiest, most creative and affordable things you can do!

Not only does this type of furniture look great, it creates a rustic landscape that can easily be dressed up or down.

You can stain or paint your pallet furniture to match whatever theme you’ve incorporated into the setting. Add some fun patio cushions and you’ve got an amazing outdoor area that will look fantastic all year long!

Tip #6: Dig a Pond

This can be achieved using materials easily available like polythene bags that cost below $100. Over time, you can add some surrounding flowers, lilypads, and fish. If your budget can afford it, consider a fountain or waterfall.

Tip #7: Consider Container Gardening

This works on a limited yard and containers can easily be gotten from the house and you can do the planting yourself.

Tip #8: Landscape with natural element

Using natural elements such as wood and stone are great ways to make an outdoor space feel more close to nature. You can consider using wooden stamps, stones among other useful pieces from nature to landscape.

If you’re cutting down a tree, leave a few feet of the stump in place and turn into a small outdoor serving table.

One could also easily find stumps like these in wooded areas or in neighborhoods with a lot of trees if you don’t have them on hand already.

Tip #9: Paint and Tend to your Lawns

Look around your house for any faded or peeling spots, and get to work with a few gallons of paint. This is an affordable way of sprucing up your space and you can do it yourself.

Pay special attention to things like front doors, window ledges, deck railings, and shutters. In addition, tending to your lawn is a way of maintaing a beautiful space at no extra cost.

You can get many more tips for cheap landscaping from Backyard Boss.

Tip #10: Create a Vertical Budget Garden

You can create a vertical budget garden yourself in a number of ways;

  • Fill old pallets with soil and stack them to create a vertical garden
  • Cut plastic bottles through the centre and create hanging baskets
  • Stack old crates on top of each other. Create a pattern or make a pyramid
  • Hang pots on your fence using a chicken wire

You can also get some more interesting ideas here towards Creating a vertical garden on budget

Tip #11: Recycle Everyday Items for Use in your Landscaping

To save on on costs, creatively use items that you have lying in your house especially after grocery shopping.

Use items like twist ties and velco straps that bind bunches of lettuce, plastic spoons and knives, newspapers and vinegar to maintain your yard and still lower landscaping costs.

Also, build a compost bin from kitchen scraps, raked leaves etc. This will also give you free fertilizer for gardening.

Tip #12: If you do not have a lawn

If you live in a flat or have a sloping space that needs filling in, you have more than one option. You can buy turf, but also consider filling the space with pebbles. A lawn needs regular watering and maintenance. A rock garden can be just as beautiful and won’t waste water or require as much maintenance.


Evidently, there are so many cool ways to transform a landscaping job into a fun, cheap process everyone will appreciate.

Whether you have a tiny side garden that needs a quick fix or a giant yard that needs a major renovation, the ideas above will kickstart your brain towards some creativity.

The tips above will enable you to easily pick and use them to create your own pocket-fiendly landscaping job. All it takes is a little imagination and you will be laughing all the way to the bank with a beautiful landscape to boot.

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