Cost of a Handyman 2013-14

Has your DIY attempt been more of a hindrance than a help? Finally getting around to hanging those paintings? Need a minor patch-up rather than a major makeover? The average hourly rate for a handyman is just $45 so why bother doing it yourself?

Handyman Costs (1)

In fact for minor odd jobs like hanging frames and installing shelves you could pay the budget rate of $30. For more premium services you’re looking at closer to $50 per hour. The average rate of $45 will get you minor painting, repairs and regular home maintenance.

Cost of common tasks

TV installation starts at $60, on average is around $100 and peaks at $250. Wall-mounting smaller televisions costs less than gigantic plasmas.

Dryer installation sits somewhere between $100 for a budget job and $200 for a premium service.

Minor painting & plastering varies according to difficulty and the time needed to complete the task. Minor plastering and painting can cost from anywhere between $30 and $50 per hour.