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clean bathroom design Photo: Brian Robinson

Bathroom Tiles to Inspire You: 10 Timeless Design Ideas

Tiles are the most practical material to use in your bathroom. They are gorgeous, durable, easy to clean and resistant to moisture. Qualities that make them stand out above the rest. Tiles are also available in thousands of different variations. The endless design options contribute to a truly unique bathroom. It also makes selecting the […]

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What colour is best for small bathroom? Image source: Wikimedia Commons

What Colour Tile Is Best for Small Bathroom?

Light colours will help you visually expand your small bathroom. That is a well-known rule that works for all the rooms in your house. This means that you should go with white, sand, cream, late and similar tones that won’t encapsulate your space, like dark colours usually do. Don’t stop with the colour. It is […]

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