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How to Choose the Right Business

Here are some common-sense tips to help you pick the Best Business for your job. They will help you get a good result and avoid costly mistakes. Top Things to Think About Be wary of the Cheapest Quote Verify Businesses Information: eg Star-ratings, Licences, Insurance Don’t Pay Big Up-front Deposits Get a Signed Contract Look […]

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Airbnb Guests banner Photo From: flickr by tommypjr

How To Prepare Your House For Airbnb Guests

Do you have a perfectly good house sitting vacant and largely unused for long periods or during holiday periods? Then why are you not tapping into Australia’s billion dollar Airbnb home-sharing economy? According to The Australian (paywall), Airbnb has caused tourism to surge and more and more homeowners are cashing in and preparing their homes […]

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How Do You Cure Concrete?

There are several methods to cure concrete and the most common and the most effective ones are: Water curing Water retaining Sealing and chemical coating All of these methods have the same idea – to maintain the moisture inside the concrete slab, so it grows strong and doesn’t become too porous. Careful and patient curing […]

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