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Reorganise your kitchen in 4 easy steps

Space-Saving Tips For Your Kitchen Storage

Raise your hand if you want a clean, well-organised and efficient kitchen. Most folks will raise their hands – and feet, just to have a clutter-free kitchen. For maximum kitchen efficiency,  keep these tips in mind for your next kitchen renovation project:

1. Be organised

Use drawer organisers, baskets, canisters, even small jars and anything that you think will help your kitchen be more organised. It would be a good idea to measure shelves and cabinets beforehand to make sure that your containers will fit.

2. Get rid of stuff that you don’t use

Whether it’s the three matching salad bowls that you got as a wedding present or the stacks of rusty baking tins that you couldn’t part with – many kitchens are plagued with so much stuff that are just gathering dust and more importantly, taking up precious storage space.  If you don’t use it or probably never will – give it away or dump it.

3. Make sure to store items according to your tasks

If you bake most of the time, it would be logical to store your baking pots and pans as well as your spices and ingredients near the oven and within easy reach. It doesn’t matter how organised your kitchen is, if you need to cross the room every now and then just to get everything that you need in order to make a sandwich then you need to do some serious re-organising again.

4. Convenience is the key

Make sure to store related items together. In your dishwasher area, you can set aside the cabinets and drawers for your pots, pans, knives and cutlery for easy storage. It all boils down to how easy it is to get what you need and how easy it is to put them back once you’re done. Arrange everything in a way that makes you happy.

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