Top home lighting trends for 2013

The lighting you choose for your home has a direct impact on the overall ambience and impression of your place. Today’s top choices in stylish lighting go beyond bulb strength. More than just functional comfort, the way you illuminate your home is also a statement of style.


Trendy light fixtures keep your home fresh and appealing and offer benefits for those who want to sell their home too. A house with good wiring and fashionable lighting definitely has more value on the seller’s market than one without any upgrades. You don’t have to keep up with every new design idea that comes along. However, a house with no lighting update since 1975 will look tired and stale, and this will reduce offers from potential buyers.

Trends through the years

Lighting fixtures that also serve as art pieces are very popular.

Lighting fixtures that also serve as art pieces are very popular.

Since the invention of the light bulb in the late 1800s, lighting has become an enormous industry. Many trends have come and gone since the incandescent bulb hung garishly from a thick black strand. We’ve seen Tiffany lamps, lava lamps and salt rock lamps, each with their own appeal in a specific environment. Track, recessed and spot lighting have had strong design impact as well. We’ve also gotten requests for functional but unobtrusive ceiling lighting and artful light fixtures that hang from the ceiling as the centrepiece of the room.

Do-it-yourself to current trends

Whether you’re building new or remodelling, your lighting choices are practically endless. Some of the latest ideas are all about do-it-yourself projects. Making light fixtures from things such as mason jars or antique egg baskets is all the rage. New LED lights for illuminating stairs, under the cabinets and closets are also quite popular. With all these options, how does one choose the best lighting for their home? Here’s what you have to consider:

  • Safety

Start with a professional electrician to get your home wiring in order for your new lights. Let your electrician know what you want and ask if your current wiring will support your lighting choices or if you need updated wiring. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but getting an expert electrician is actually money well spent. Your chances of having an electrical fire are greatly reduced by hiring a professional electrician to install new light fittings or check your home’s wiring before adding new fixtures.

  • Home style

Lighting 1Take the style of your home into consideration when choosing your bulbs and light fixtures. A 1920s bungalow will look odd with 1950s style fixtures even if ’50s lighting is back in style. This isn’t to say you can’t update with something unexpected. Just make sure it fits the look of your home before making drastic changes.

If you prefer a dimmer candlelight look, the newer light bulbs may be too bright. Check the soft glow ones and consider darker shades. Also, the type of fixture the bulb will be in makes a difference. Bright lights are perfect over a make-up mirror in the bathroom, but they’re not the best choice for your picnic table on the back patio.

The flow of your house should be considered as well. You don’t want Spanish ironworks fixtures in one room and Tiffany glass in the adjacent room. The fixtures don’t have to be all alike, but they do need to work together in a pleasing manner as you go from one room to another.

  • Room size

Room size is another important consideration. You don’t want mini pendant lights in an extra-large room any more than you want oversized bulbs and fixtures in a small one. See that your fixtures fit in the room, both style and size wise. Mini pendants can look good in large rooms if they’re over a specific area such as a counter top island or dining table.

  • Cost

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are so many choices in lights and fixtures these days, it’s hard to keep up. You can spend very little and still manage a nice update or you can spend like you have endless cash. It’s a good idea to set a budget and look for ideas within that budget. Again, there are so many choices; you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that fits all your requirements.

  • Energy efficiency

LED lights are on the pricier side, but they last many years and use so little energy that they pay for themselves in a relatively short time. Some of the new bulbs last for years but as mentioned, may be painfully bright. Check out the way a certain type of lighting illuminates before deciding that it’s the style for you. Go for the most energy efficient bulb that fits your needs and sets the tone you desire for your home.

Updating your home with some of the newer lighting designs and innovations not only sets the tone and mood in your home, it’s also great way to add value. A home with stylish and efficient lighting is a home that’s enjoyed more by family and friends.

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