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Eric the electrician is about as genuine as they come

DSCF8562Meet Eric.

After 20 years of experience in the clean energy industry, Eric decided to go out on his own at the beginning of 2016 and establish his own business, Electrical Sun. With plenty of experience under his belt, he was ready to work for himself and deliver a more personalised service that he had total control over.

“I know I do a good quality job and I wanted to deliver service my way every time”.

At the moment Eric is the sole operator of Electrical Sun, servicing domestic customers as well as commercial establishments around his inner-city hometown of Balmain, Sydney.  He specialises in solar and battery installations, home energy efficiency, switchboards, data re wiring, renovations and new builds – which keeps him nice and busy.

“I know I do a good quality job and I wanted to deliver service my way every time”


He says his favourite thing about the job is the eclectic variety of work and people he experiences on a daily basis.

“I like the diversity of being an electrician. Everyday is different and you are constantly learning”.

Unlike some shoddy electricians out there, Eric knows that when it comes to electrical work, shortcuts and lazy work are simply not an option.

“I’m genuine”

For Eric, making money comes secondary to providing a level of service he is proud of.

“I’m not here to make money I’m here to do a good quality job”.

Eric is one of our newerbusinesses, but he’s already winning several jobs a week. When asked what makes him different to other businesses, he gave a simple answer.

“I’m genuine”.DSCF8615