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Roof Painting: 8 Factors that Affect Roof Painting Costs

On any homeowner’s list of maintenance tasks to be carried out every few years is roof painting.

Roof painting requires expertise. Unless you already have experience, it is advisable to hire a professional roof painter.

Roof painting isn’t cheap, but it is necessary. A quality paint job will last you a while, so there is no need for a yearly roof painting or a roof replacement.

Is Your Roof In Need of a New Coat of Paint?

It’s a good habit to have your roof inspected regularly to determine its state.

However, here are a few signs to watch out for that may let you know it’s time to get your roof painting expert scheduled for an appointment:

  • The colour is chalky or starting to fade
  • Any sign of rust spots
  • Peeling paint or paint bubbles
  • Cracks in the existing paint

A well-painted roof increases the life of the roofing material used. It also prevents leaks and rust, while increasing the curb appeal of the property.

What To Do Before You Reach for the Paint

Going straight for the spray gun without following these steps will lead to a shoddy job that you’ll just end up redoing.

  • Thoroughly clean the roof, preferably with a high-pressure water blaster.
  • Get an inspection of your roof’s state so you can take care of loose hardware, rust, and any other issues that may compromise the roof.
  • Invest the time to prime, which many homeowners think is an unnecessary step. Priming is important to ensure the paint adheres to the surface.
  • Choose a method of painting.
  • Choose your paint.

Done with those important steps? Then let’s get to the nitty-gritty of painting your roof:

Factors that Affect the Cost of Roof Painting

#7 The Condition of the Roof

A damaged roof will likely have to undergo repairs before painting. A professional painter knows how to spot these problem areas and fix them to ensure the end result is perfect.

If the damage is extensive, then the cost of repair will obviously increase and the total cost of the entire job escalates.

#6 Complexity of Roof Design

Not all roofs are made equal. As a homeowner, do not expect a quote for a gambrel roof or dormer roof to be the same as that of a gable roof. There’s expertise and added equipment required to manoeuvre complex roofs.

#5 Access Difficulties

A roof that is difficult to access can be a nightmare to paint if you decide to do a DIY job.

A professional hire will assess the scope of work and quote accordingly.

If the roof has access difficulties, the roof painter may not only need extra equipment but extra manpower, too.

#4 Overall Size

The larger the roof, the higher the cost to paint. A larger surface area requires more paint, more primer, more labour and more time to execute the job.

#3 Preparation

The roof surface needs to be pristinely clean.

A high-pressure wash ensures the roof will be free of flaking paint, dirt, grime, mould, and debris.

Hiring a pressure washer poses an extra cost to a homeowner attempting a DIY roof cleaning. A professional roof cleaner has the equipment already.

#2 Paint Quality and Colour

The price of paint varies depending on its use.

Roof paints are not just regular exterior paint. They are specialty paints made for specific roof materials. For example, the paint for terracotta roof tiles is not the same as the paint for metal roofs.

Some colours cost more than others and some require multiple coats, which increases the total cost of the painting project.

#1 Roof Pitch

The steeper the roof is, the higher the cost. This is primarily because of the safety aspect.

Precautions need to be taken by the painter to ensure their safety and that of their crew. These safety measures include hiring a hoist, as a roof that’s too steep would not be safe to stand on.

Want to Save Extra Dollars?

Heard of cool roofs before? The idea of cool roofs comes from the science of white roofs that reflect heat. This results in cooler temperatures within the home and in turn reduction in the air conditioning bill.

The former Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, in a recent interview by the BBC, advocated for this. He highlighted a pilot project in Ahmedabad City in western India. Temperatures here can reach as high as 50C in the summer.

Is there a formula to calculate how often a homeowner should look into getting their roof painted or is it pure guesswork?

Best practice over the years has been to paint a roof every few years. For a metal roof, every ten years works.

Maintenance using this method is more affordable than replacing an entire roof. This applies to the most common roofing materials. These are terracotta, concrete, slate, wooden shingles, and metal.

Painting your roof doesn’t need to be a headache if you leave it to the professionals.

2 Fun facts:

A roof needs proper air circulation both inside and outside or leakages may occur.

A flat roof is not completely flat. It actually has a bit of a slant to it to aid water drainage