50 famous celebrity homes and their colour schemes

50 Famous Celebrity Homes And Their Colours Schemes

Last updated: 7th Dec 2018

We all have different reasons why we chose a certain colour over the others. Some colours make us feel happy while others make us anxious.

Colours is a very powerful tool it signals actions, influences our mood, and even affects our health.

So, would you go for a warm palette or complementary neutral shade? Go ahead and check out the following.

Photo courtesy from Joella Marano and telegraph.co.uk

You could just imagine how amazing it is to have a cosy, clean, and bright white coloured bedroom while looking at the twinkling stars at night. Just take a look at Daniel Radcliffe’s former bedroom. It’s not as magical as his Harry Potter room but you will never get tired of how white coloured room gives the fresh appearance and calming effect. Plus white never goes out of style.

Photo courtesy from akshay moon and hookedonhouses.net

Picking colours for your nursery room can be tricky. The usual colour plays with standard pink and blue motif but Drew Barrymore opt to use a different shade – olives! Green palette symbolizes nature, hence, it promotes a tranquil, refreshing, and calming environment. This colour can significantly affect your babies mind which helps maintain a good mood and physical wellbeing.

Photo courtesy from Karon Liu and hookedonhouses.net

The household kitchen is where you prepare and cook your meals for your family and friends. Hence, it is the reason why it is called as the heart of your home. Although kitchen size matters keeping it bright and appealing is more essential, just like Winona Ryder’s Spanish style kitchen. She uses earthy tone palette that helps maintains the warmth and cosy atmosphere.

Photo courtesy from Nicki Dugan and hookedonhouses.net

Robin Williams’s hallway is unique in so many ways. The gold coloured built-in cabinets add a bizarre accent to the hallway. But what makes it more interesting is the combination of the white coloured wall and the gorgeous oceanic shade of the floor. It instantly makes the area feel cool, clean, and vibrant. These pleasant shades can also cool down a room where there is much sun or heat.

Photo courtesy from Keith Allison and bizjournals.com

A neutral colour scheme like yellow and brown are perfect canvas to achieve a warm, earthy, and welcoming room. Have a look at Shaquille O’neal’s massive living room, it has a combination of retro and modern effects which is perfect to entertain your guests. Brown conveys a feeling of safety and comfort. Adding decorations or accent is also not as difficult as it looks.

Photo courtesy from Mark Metzler and hamptons.curbed.com

White is the number one choice if you want to have a fresher and cleaner looking room. This shade is versatile and works well in a diversity of interior designs and colour schemes. Shades like blue, gray, and other neutral colours works well with white – it makes the room look wide, airy but not clinical just like Rachael Ray’s fancy living room.

Photo courtesy from Digitas Photos and hookedonhouses.net

There are various reasons why having an ivory coloured bedroom with large windows are wonderful. Tyra Banks’s master’s bedroom has massive windows that help increase the natural light. The room uses a neutral colour palette that gives the living space a cheerful, welcoming ambiance that draws you in and can unify a room, allowing for a mix of different colours.

Photo courtesy from Alan Light and hookedonhouses.net

If you want to induce a feeling of naturalness that significantly adds comfort to your home use a brown earthy palette. This shade is often considered a neutral colour, hence, it can give your home a sense of stability and security. This is the main theme of Mel Gibson’s living room. The room is filled with wooden furniture and decorations which adds depth and warmth.

Photo courtesy from Keith Allison and ftw.usatoday.com

Building a house near the beach will help you free your mind from the busy city life and just be connected to nature. Here’s house Kevin Durant’s relaxing living room looks like. He uses light neutrals in his living room with a big sliding door that lets you smell the fresh air coming from the beach. The shade of the room has a warm and welcoming effect.

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Whether you have a small room or a massive size room like Lady Gaga’s, it is still the best place for you to relax, sleep, and just be away from your busy everyday life. Thus, it is just right to make sure you will feel comfortable. Ivory is an excellent neutral colour to use for any style. It creates a peaceful, warm, and sophisticated bedroom.