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Fast Feedback to be Re-confirmed

ACCC Investigation into Fast Feedback

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have been investigating our Fast Feedback system since March 2018. They are looking at whether Fast Feedback could have the potential to mislead customers when they compare which local business to hire. The case is now before the Federal Court.

Issue with Approval to Publish Fast Feedback Ratings

The main issue is how we used an opt-out mechanism to obtain customer consent to publish Fast Feedback ratings rather than an opt-in mechanism.

When businesses rated themselves using Fast Feedback we sent an email to the customer inviting them to do one of four things;

  1. Approve the review which would publish it to the business profile immediately
  2. Write their own review which would be published to the business profile immediately
  3. Dispute the review so it wouldn’t be published
  4. Do nothing and let us publish the review to the business profile after 72 hours

Most customers went for Option 4 and so we published ratings that the ACCC argue we didn’t get explicit approval for.

Fixing the Issue

To fix this we’ll re-confirm all Fast Feedback ratings which were automatically published.

From Monday 13th May 2019 these ratings won’t be published on the website or contribute to businesses’ overall star-ratings, and we’ll invite customers to re-confirm each rating. If they are re-confirmed, they will show again on business profiles. If not, they won’t.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to fix this problem.