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Man using security alarm system to gain access Photo from: Vivint Home Security

Fear factor: 23% homeowners ramping up security measures

Despite 90 per cent of homes already been secured by locks, one in five homeowners plan on installing more security measures this year.

Forty per cent have alarms fitted already and 56 per cent have security screens installed in an attempt to protect their home, property and loved ones.

And it seems the reliance on home security is warranted with the incidence of break and enters not diminishing across the country. In fact, there was a one per cent increase in victims of unlawful entry with intent according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Recorded Crime – Victims, Australia 2015 report. More than two-thirds of these victims had property taken and 71 per cent occurred at a residential location.

“Despite all our security-consciousness, the incidence of home burglary has not receded. Safety in the home is clearly at the forefront of homeowners’ minds with 23 per cent indicating they want to install more security measures this year, whether it be additional locks, security screens, cameras or alarms,” says CEO Jeremy Levitt.

“And it seems many stand by their old faithful canine to help deter potential burglars with three per cent deferring to them as their extra line of security as well.”

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Statistics are from a survey of more than 2,800 clients.

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