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What colours can you paint your family room? Image source: Wikimedia Commons by Liftarn

What Colours Can You Paint Your Family Room?

A family room is where the family congregates to socialise and relax. It is one of the busiest rooms in a home and therefore, proper thought should be put when planning the colour scheme to paint the room. The family room meets the needs of different people and for different purposes within a family. It […]

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How to paint a master bedroom Image source: Flicker by John Coley / CC BY-ND 2.0

How to Paint a Master Bedroom

A freshly painted bedroom brightens up our night. Before you paint your bedroom, prepare by covering all your furniture and the wall. You then need to clean the walls, paint the edges of the wall using a paintbrush or using a roller. After your walls are dry, wash your brushes, replace your furniture and store […]

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How do you make a small bathroom look better? Image source: Maxpixel

How Do You Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

When you look at the successful and imaginative small bathroom designs, you will see that all of them share similar ideas when it comes to visually enhancing your bathroom. All those ideas, tips and tricks are usually about these design elements: Bathroom tile colours Bathroom tile size Bathroom light Furniture Details Mirrors Obviously the bathroom […]

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What colour is best for small bathroom? Image source: Wikimedia Commons

What Colour Tile Is Best for Small Bathroom?

Light colours will help you visually expand your small bathroom. That is a well-known rule that works for all the rooms in your house. This means that you should go with white, sand, cream, late and similar tones that won’t encapsulate your space, like dark colours usually do. Don’t stop with the colour. It is […]

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What type of tiles are best for bathroom? Image source:

What Type of Tiles are Best for Bathrooms?

A lot of tilers will tell you that, if you have the budget, you should go for porcelain tiles for your bathroom. The reason behind this logic is the fact that porcelain tiles have many amazing designs, colour options and styles. They are sturdy and are not prone to scratches and cracking and they can […]

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How to choose paint colour for a bedroom? Image source: Wikimedia Commons by Tim Collins

How to Choose Paint Colour for a Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place you see when you wake up. It sets the tone for the day, and thus it should have colours that soothe and energise. There a few critical factors that you should consider before you choose the colour of your bedroom. These include room ambience, furniture colour, bedroom size and light […]

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What is the best tile to use in a bathroom? Image source: Flickr by Studio Sarah Lou / CC BY 2.0

What Is the Best Tile to Use in a Bathroom?

If you are having second thoughts about how to pick the best bathroom tile, the answer is: use porcelain bathroom tiles. They are the least porous, the most resilient and naturally waterproof tiles which require very little maintenance and come in a wide variety of colours. However, the material is not the only concern when […]

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