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kitchen area Photo from: Pexel by by Milly Eaton

10 Projects to Tackle Around Your Home if You are Thinking of Selling

Selling a home is a big decision. Reasons for selling your home can include: You’re moving to a new location You need funds that the sale of the home can provide The current market conditions make it a good time to sell and capitalise on your home’s increased value When selling a home, especially in […]

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How Do You Cure Concrete?

There are several methods to cure concrete and the most common and the most effective ones are: Water curing Water retaining Sealing and chemical coating All of these methods have the same idea – to maintain the moisture inside the concrete slab, so it grows strong and doesn’t become too porous. Careful and patient curing […]

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How to paint house exterior walls Image source: Flickr by Louisville House Painters / CC BY-ND 2.0

How to Paint House Exterior Walls

After whole your house exterior walls paint will start to chip, peel, and wear and tear. You will, therefore, need to refresh your exteriors painting to restore your home’s vibrancy. There is a lot of preparation that you need to put in place before you can start painting the house. This is not a step […]

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How to paint house interior of a house Image source: Flickr by Ralph HogaboomCC BY-ND 2.0

How to Paint House Interior of a House

Just by painting a house, how you can raise its value, transform it into an inspiring living space, and improve its value in the market. Painting will require some serious planning if you want a result worth the effort. You need to do the following to be ready to start painting the interior of the […]

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Tips for painting your attic? Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Tips for Painting Your Attic

Attics have a reputation of being messy, cobweb-ridden, dark and unsavoury. It is the last place anybody would think of painting, leave alone transforming into a bedroom. You can, however, transform the attic by painting it into a cozy space where you can host long-term guests. You can engage the services of local painters who […]

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How to paint your basement? Image source: Flickr by Olger Fallas / CC BY-ND 2.0

How to Paint Your Basement

A painted basement is easy to maintain, hides the imperfections, and improve the overall appearance of the room. To make your basement painting a success, you have to clean the surface thoroughly. You then need to use heavy duty paint so that you can finish the job as quickly as possible. But why do the […]

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How to remove spray paint from any surface Image source: Wikimedia Commons by Hardcoreraveman

How to Remove Spray Paint from Any Surface

There are a few steps that you can take to remove paint from any surface. To remove spray paint from your skin, rub the area with oil and then wash it. To remove spray paint from fabric, rub the fabric using an alcohol-based product. To remove paint from surfaces such as walls, apply stripping gel […]

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