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LED downlights in halogen Banner Photo courtesy of Pexels by Milly Eaton

Why You Shouldn’t Install LED Downlights in Halogen Fittings

You’ve finally seen the light. Like millions of other like-minded electricity consumers, you have come to the conclusion that the best way to conserve energy, save on electricity bills and maintenance costs is to adopt LED technology. Your newly purchased bulbs signal that big plans are afoot and you can’t wait to install LED downlights […]

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home for autmn banner Photo courtesy of Pexels by Milly Eaton

4 Surefire Ways to Update Your Home for Autumn

In many parts of Australia, Autumn is a season of colour and warmth. A time for hot tea, cosy slippers and old-school family bonfires. A little rain and a chilly breeze make it an excellent time to shelter inside and enjoy the hues of gold, red and chocolate. Gardens stand tall with fruit trees, and […]

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LED and Halogen banner Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos

What is the Difference Between LED and Halogen Downlights?

The similarities and distinctions between LED and halogen downlights boil down to how they get the job done. One employs incandescence (heats a filament to emit light) while the other one utilises electroluminescence (uses voltage to produce light). It’s easy to confuse the two because they are both mounted in the ceiling cavity, can cast […]

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halogen downlights banner

How to Change Halogen Downlights to LED

Making the switch from halogen downlights to LED is a wise move. By replacing 10 halogen light bulbs with LEDs an average household can expect to save around AU$650 over 10 years on their electricity bill. LED technology will lower your electricity bill and maintenance costs because it uses very little energy to run effectively. […]

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living area banner Photo courtesy of freepik by @freepik

Renovating a Small Living Area

Research has shown that homes in Australia and New Zealand have decreased in size over time. In fact, house size has hit an all time low in 22 years. The main reason for this is because more apartment buildings are on the rise, which means that floor space will be less than a traditional stand-alone […]

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LED lights banner

Do You Need to Change the Transformer for LED Lights?

Using the correct power supply or transformers for your LED lighting is important if you want it to work safely and efficiently. Whether you’re installing new LED lights, transitioning from traditional forms of lighting like halogens or retrofitting your current fixtures, you may be required to replace your old transformers with LED drivers (these drivers […]

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Airbnb Guests banner Photo From: flickr by tommypjr

How To Prepare Your House For Airbnb Guests

Do you have a perfectly good house sitting vacant and largely unused for long periods or during holiday periods? Then why are you not tapping into Australia’s billion dollar Airbnb home-sharing economy? According to The Australian (paywall), Airbnb has caused tourism to surge and more and more homeowners are cashing in and preparing their homes […]

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Increasing the value of your home: DOs and Don’ts of Landscaping

Landscaping can make a big difference to your home appeal, and increase its value – but you need to know what projects to take on to maximize Return on Investments. According to homeguides, well-landscaped homes have a significant price advantage over homes with no landscaping. This advantage ranges from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent depending […]

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