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How Much Is Roof Painting?

In today’s hyper-competitive property market, it’s important that your home always looks its best. One way of keeping your home’s street appeal is repainting your roof. Repainting is a lot cheaper than replacing the roof and almost all types of roofs – concrete tiles, terracotta tiles, and colorbond roofs – can be repainted.

While the cost of painting your roof may vary depending on the type of roof, it is still a relatively cheap option for giving your roof an extended life.

What are the best roof paint products?

There are plenty of options out there for roof painting, applying a roof sealant and waterproof coating your roof. If you’re looking to decorate, protect or repair your roof, there is a paint product on the market that suits your needs.

The table below lists paint products for roofs in Australia, along with their approximate cost. It is essential to keep in mind that without proper equipment or knowledge on how to repaint your roof, there is a real chance that you will make a mess of it.

It’s worth using an online directory tool like Service Seeking to at least get some ballpark numbers for outsourcing your roof painting job – then make a short list to get more accurate estimates through onsite visits from the selected painters. Having said that, there are plenty of preparatory steps you can work on if you are determined enough.

Roof exterior paint (Dulux Roof & Trim)$223.0010L16 sq.m/L
Heat Reflective Roof Coating (NXT CoolZone)$346.9520L4 sq.m/L
Nano Technology Coating (Nutech Tileflex)$212.9520L4 sq.m/L
Exterior Acrylic Emulion coating (Nu-Flex)$178.9520L4 sq.m/L
Surface filler (QA High Build Filler)$140.0020L

Which Roof Painting Process Should you Follow?

Cleaning the Roof – You need to get rid of debris such as leaves, moss, fungi, bird droppings, etc. Sometimes roof painters sweep the roof, then use jet washers to remove debris.

Inspect the Roof for Damaged Parts – By repairing the damaged parts of the roof, you will ensure that the roof gets a uniform colour and that your roof does not leak after repainting.

Applying the Base Coat – This is a sealer that ensures that the coats applied after it are in line with the surface.

Applying the Final Coat – After the sealer, an undercoat is applied and after that a top coat of the colour that best compliments your house. Ensure that your paint’s quality is in top condition to prevent paint peeling, which could make your roof look like pretty ordinary even though you’ve just repainted.

Note that all the above steps are essential to creating a lasting paint job on your roof. Consider using spray painting equipment to leave an even coat. You will also do the job more quickly than with a roller or brush.

What are the factors that affect the cost of painting?

  1. The Roof’s Size – Painters charge roofing per square metre and hence the more extensive the roof, the more it will cost to paint it.
  2. Painting Material – Professional painters only use paints from renowned manufacturers. These paints are usually more expensive, and they may translate to a higher bill for you but the end result is of better quality.
  3. The Roof’s Steepness – Since a painter will work standing on the roof, they will need additional equipment such as a hoist which will add to the final cost of painting your house.
  4. The Roof’s Design – The more complex a roof design, the more time it will take to paint.
  5. Accessibility – If your house is located in an out of way location, then transport for the painter and equipment to the site will cost money.
  6. Coating – Depending on the type of roof and the location of the house, roof painters may decide to use polymeric, polyurea or polyurethane roof coating. This decision affects the overall cost of the paint job.

Some of the other coatings that may affect the overall budget include;

  1. Bituminous Coatings – It is great on some types of roof, but it is not as flexible as other forms of the coating.
  2. Water-based acrylic paints – They are reflective and may not be right on roofs that have some ponding areas.
  3. Eco-friendly silicone paints – These are great paints to use on any roof, but they are the most expensive.

Any roof replacement, roof restoration, and roof painting project would want to cover all the above costs to ensure an accurate cost estimate.

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What is the Average Cost of Paint?

Type of PaintAmount (Litres)Amount
High-quality paint10$223
Heat reflective roof paint20$346
Exterior acrylic emulsion20$179

Despite the high price difference between paints, always go with the recommendation of the expert. You don’t want a situation where you get cheap paint only to end up needing to repaint every year.

What is the Average Rate for a Professional Painter in Australia?

Different Australian states have different rates. In Queensland for example, you will be charged around $35 per hour while in New South Wales you will be charged as much as $45 per hour.

Most painters would want to inspect the condition of your roof before they give you the final quote. Don’t automatically go for the lowest quote. You need to understand what the preparation work before painting entails. Below is an example of what a pro painter will do while painting a 120 square metre roof;

  • Sweep the roof
  • Replace 60 + tiles
  • Repoint
  • Pressure clean the roof
  • Apply the sealant
  • Apply one primer coat
  • Apply two coats of paint with the colour the owner chooses

Typically, for that kind of a paint job, you will be charged $2,000 and a warranty of 10 years. If the work included additional minor repairs, new gutters, and downpipes, expect to pay a little above $2,500.

Roof Replacement Vs. Roof Painting

Get a professional to inspect your roof to decide which one you should do. Roof replacement might be as cheap as $6,000, but can go up to $20,000. If you are looking to change the colour of your roof, perhaps you should try roof painting. You should not go for the cheapest quote unless it includes pressure cleaning and use of high-quality paints.

How to Repaint Your ColorBond Roof

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons by Endacottmj

Colorbond is a steel roofing material with a range of over 20 designer colours that you can choose for your home. The material is stylish and environmentally-friendly and is a favourite among builders. It is easily mixed-and-matched with fascia, guttering, and downpipes. When Colorbond fades, repainting it is cheaper than replacing it.

While you can touch up a Colorbond roof yourself, the best result can only be guaranteed by a professional painter. The painter should have insurance, experience repainting Colorbond roofs and should give you a guarantee of workmanship.

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