Best value tradies are in Victoria

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(August 4, 2016) Renovating prices have dropped 2.2 per cent across Victoria in welcome news for homeowners. But the lowering of prices has hit tradies’ back pockets hard as they become the best value in the country.

The average cost for a tradie across 10 industry sectors in Victoria is $57.28, 7.1 per cent less than the national average of $61.65. CEO Jeremy Levitt says: “Victoria is the state to get stuck into home renovations. It might be the cheapest place to find a tradie, but it is the fastest growing state with the hottest property market right now. Utilising such low trade prices to renovate and sell in a hot market could be a smart move for many astute owners and investors.”

Victorian landscapers charge 25 per cent less than their Queensland counterparts, or $18.59 an hour less.

Plumbers in WA charge 19.3 per cent more (or $18.24 an hour) than their Victorian friends, and painters would earn 16.2 per cent more (or $7.60 an hour) if they were working in NSW.

The only trades to actually charge more in Victoria as opposed to the national average were tilers ($50.86 up 13.2 per cent) and concreters ($69.50 up 6.1 per cent).

The prices were derived by comparing 52,000 quotes submitted through the online services marketplace during the FY16 Q4.  

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