WA plumbers still the best paid tradies in Australia


The repair of a busted pipe in WA will cost you 24 per cent more to fix than if you lived in Victoria, keeping WA plumbers on top as the highest paid tradies in Australia.

At $94.41 an hour, WA plumbers have been charging the highest rate of all Aussie tradies for the past 12 months. The latest figures represent a 12.4 per cent year-on-year increase.

“It should be pointed out that tradies have overheads to come out of their hourly rates with insurance, tools and travel among them, whereas an office worker does not,” says ServiceSeeking.com.au CEO Jeremy Levitt.

“But smart and hard-working tradies, can and are building strong businesses on the back of Australia’s resilient property market.”

Overall, the state recorded a 1.8 per cent increase in home renovation prices compared to the same period last year to register as the most expensive state to renovate your house. The average cost of hiring a tradie is $67.34, up 9.2 per cent on the national average.

Concreting was the lone industry to really buck the upward trend, with concreters in WA charging 14.6 per cent less than the national average at $55.95/m2 ($9.53 an hour less).

Queensland is the second-most expensive state in which to renovate ($63.14 up 4.4 per cent), followed by NSW ($60.25 up 0.8 per cent) and Victoria is the cheapest and only state to record a drop in prices by 2.2 per cent to $57.28.

The prices were compiled from a sample of 52,000 quotes submitted through the online services marketplace during the FY16 Q4.

To view price changes across 10 popular renovation services around the country, see www.serviceseeking.com.au/renovations