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Jodhi McGrath turns over $160k a year with her house cleaning service


A MOTHER-OF-TWO has revealed how a simple idea has made enough money for her and her husband to quit their day jobs.

IT SEEMS like a luxury, but almost one in four Aussies have a house cleaner and they’re willing to fork out the big bucks for them too.

A recent survey conducted by tradie comparison site ServiceSeeking.com.aurevealed that cleaners charge on average $33.41 per hour, with end of lease cleans costing up to $800 for a large four bedroom house.

Jodhi McGrath, a mother of two, tapped into the booming industry back in 2012, turning over $30,000 in her first year. A year later, that figure doubled, and now she pockets an impressive $160,000 salary a year.

“I was in the real estate industry for 15 years and towards the end I was doing Business Development, and then I had my two kids (now aged six and eight) but I didn’t want that pressure of a 9 to 5 job anymore,” Jodhi told news.com.au

“So I put up an ad on serviceseeking, got a cleaning bucket, some appliances and thought ‘This is wonderful’, I didn’t have to dress up, deal with bosses or go to meetings.”

The Tamworth local opened her start-up business Cherubs & Dust in 2012 when living on the Central Coast. “I started getting enough jobs that my husband Scott was able to quit his job as a store manager and join me.”

The pair began cleaning clients’ homes together before the business boomed, having to employ more staff.

“We then stepped back; I now run the business from behind the scenes from marketing to maintaining client and staff relationships and Scott trains the staff and occasionally cleans when needed,” Jodhi said.

Now, they boast more than 15 employees, turning over $160,000 a year.


“We can live anywhere in the world, so long as I have my laptop and phone. We created a lifestyle where we are always available for our kids, a lifestyle around our business where we can do what we want, where we want.”

The McGrath’s offer services all around NSW, with clients mainly from the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Tamworth.

They charge roughly $40/hr — a two bedroom (two hours to clean) is $80, three bedroom, $120 and four bedroom, $160 (plus GST).

The secret to their success? Over-service, quote fast and communicate professionally.

“We always go that extra mile. A lot of cleaners have tunnel vision and just do the basics, but we always over-service and ask the right questions so we can accommodate each individuals personal needs.

“You have to over-service clients and really ‘bend at the knee’.

“We look for jobs to do that other cleaners ignore (for example, cleaning under the fridge and even inside the fridge),” she said.

ServiceSeeking.com.au CEO Jeremy Levitt said cleaning is one of their most popular categories with more than 4000 house cleaning jobs posted on the website each month.

“Increasingly, Aussies juggle full time work, a busy family life and social commitments,” Mr Levitt said. “A house cleaner can be precisely the thing to alleviate pressure at home. For many customers, it can represent a treat or luxury that also returns extra time to yourself.”


  • 25 per cent of Australians report having a house cleaner to tidy up at home
  • Gen Z (those born after 1996) were the least likely generation to have a house cleaner, with only 12.5 per cent of respondents indicating they hired a house cleaner for a weekly clean


  • 62 per cent of Aussies reported spending $1000 or less on house cleaning yearly
  • 5 per cent of people spend $5000 a year or more on house cleaning, which amounts to around $100 a week or $400 a month.
  • Gen X spends the most on house cleaners, with almost 7 per cent of respondents indicating they spent more than $5000 a year on cleaning

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