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Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

Last updated: 25th Sep 2019


The kitchen is often the cornerstone of the home- a place you want to feel comfortable and spacious. But it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to get the kitchen you want- getting creative can save you some serious cash! Some of the biggest costs come from replacing the flooring, cabinets and benchtops- but this isn’t always necessary. Whilst some kitchen renovations can cost you upwards of $20,000, we’ve put together 5 sneaky ways you can renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank.

1. Details, details, details

Sometimes simply upgrading those tiny details can change the whole atmosphere of your kitchen. Tapware, light switches, and power-point covers are all inexpensive to replace, but with the right modifications, can change the whole feel of the kitchen.

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2. Lighting

Lighting is everything! A kitchen with limited light can look small, cramped, and tacky. Adding a bit of extra light- and upgrading lighting fixtures- can transform how your kitchen feels. Natural light gives the illusion of space- the installation of a skylight is often a very worthy investment for lightening up those dark corners.

Other small details, such as under cabinet lighting, are inexpensive to install, and will make a big impact on how your kitchen feels.

And what about those lighting fixtures? You can easily transform the kitchen space from daggy to modern with upgrading the lights, at no massive cost to you. Find some that are tasteful, simple and timeless!

3. Surfaces

The surfaces in your kitchen are everything- the look and feel of your benchtops really influence what it’s like to exist in your kitchen. But upgrading the surfaces doesn’t need to put you entirely out of pocket. You can upgrade old, worn benchtops with granite-like finishes, to dramatically raise the value of the space.

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4. Paint don’t replace!

Sometimes replacing cabinets can be a waste of time and money. Consider painting the cabinet fronts instead! Whites and light colours create the illusion of space and light in your kitchen, for a fraction of the price of replacing the cabinets entirely. Painting surfaces like the cabinet fronts is a simple way of upgrading your kitchen from being outdated and daggy, to fresh and modern.

5. Flooring

Keeping old flooring can be a great way to save. But if you really want to change your old floors, there are some other cheap alternatives. Stick-on vinyl is one versatile option, that can actually run over pre-existing floorboards. Otherwise, laminate floorboards are cost-effective, and can really enhance the way your kitchen looks!

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