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How one talented carpenter transformed Louisa’s backyard

Louisa needed a skilled carpenter to build two sets of slatted doors for her outdoor kitchen unit. The rebuilt pizza oven and barbecue stood as the grand centrepiece of her open entertaining area, and the job required a fine attention to detail to fit with the style of her beautiful home. With a vision in mind, she posted the job on and got into contact with Mark Brandt from Mark’s Services. He’s one of our 5 star tradies from Sydney with a wealth of experience in the carpentry industry. He refers to himself as “a bit of a freelancer”, also specialising in areas such as welding, roofing, painting.

Louisa knew what style she wanted, but wasn’t certain on the materials and details of the design. After quoting her job online, Mark organised an onsite inspection to look at the unit more closely and discuss the different options available. Luckily for Louisa, Mark’s experience in the trade meant he had many helpful suggestions to offer. After checking out the style of Louisa’s beautiful beachside home, the two decided on creating some slat doors to sit beneath the oven using a rustic Tasmanian oak.

A Tasmanian Oak detail fit perfectly with the rustic timber decking

Photography by Virginia Venn @virginiavw

“It’s very common that the customer will ask me what I think and what my suggestions would be, then we come up with the final idea together,” Mark says.

“Some jobs you can quote straight away, but with Louisa I had to inspect the job and told her how much it would be, depending on the doors we designed and how much labour was involved. Once she was happy, I went and bought the materials, came back and started the installs. There was quite a bit of work involved, as every piece of timber had to be hand cut and hand drilled,” he says.

“There was quite a bit of work involved, as every piece of timber had to be hand cut and hand drilled,”

Mark also built a matching set of shelves

Photography by Virginia Venn @virginiavw

The job took two days to complete and Mark’s hard work and carpentry finesse produced a final product that Louisa and her family were thrilled with. He also built some matching shelves to store all the kids’ toys and shoes outside.

“They were really involved in the process as they were home and watching me do it. It turned out really nicely and they were ecstatic with the end result,” he says.

Check out more shots of Louisa’s stylish outdoor entertaining area to get some inspiration for your own renovation. We’ve got thousands of honest, reliable tradies just like Mark to help you achieve the look your after.


Photography by Virginia Venn @virginiavw


Photography by Virginia Venn @virginiavw