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Michael hired a landscaper to remodel his overgrown backyard

Based on his past experiences with, Michael knew that he can count on the website to help him find a top-notch tradie for his gardening job.

Having listed plenty of jobs in the past, Michael decided to find help from the businesses at once more when he realised that the garden at his KillCare Heights holiday house needed some tending to.

Michael’s gardening job entailed maintenance for the overgrown garden and removal of some dead grass and a storm-damaged tree. After posting his job, he was contacted by Peter from Peter Coleman Landscapes shortly. With over 25 years of experience in the landscaping design and construction industry, Peter knew that he can take care of Michael’s job quickly and efficiently. Hiring Peter was an easy decision for Michael as “he seemed knowledgeable, he understood the scope of the work required, and he was local.”

The efficiency of’s hiring process is what keeps Michael coming back to use the site over and over again. Moreover, the ratings on the business profiles give him an indication of how they perform and how reliable they are.

When asked about the quality of Peter Coleman Landscapes’ work, he said, “[They were] extremely quick and efficient, and Peter went the extra mile to ensure I was happy. Work has been extremely good.”

killcare heights gardening

Quality of the work, honesty, reliability, and price were the main qualities that made helped Peter Coleman Landscapes stand out. In fact, Michael was very satisfied with the business that he’s engaged him for another job.

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