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How to paint and decorate your home office? Image source: Wikimedia Commons by THOR

How to Paint and Decorate Your Home Office

If you have a home office, you probably spend more than 8 hours everyday working there. You would want to make the place that you spend most of your waking hours as comfortable as possible. One way you can make your office great is by painting and decorating it with colours that boost your energies.

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Below are some ideas we think might help you to create an ideal home office.

Studio Green 93

Create a dramatic mood into your home office using studio green 93, a deep dark green paint which comes either in satin or matte. This paint is the true renaissance colour which saturates pigments of all types and creates a much greener colour that goes well with well-lit rooms full of natural light.

The colour promotes growth, renewal, life, kindness, harmony, reassurance, balance, strong sense of balance, safety and productivity.


Do you want to create an Instagram-like office in your home? This paint colour comes in white and creates a warm glow that allows natural sunlight to filter into your home office like never before.

St. John Blue

The Saint John blue paint is not as overwhelming as other shades of blue. The colour is an excellent base from which you can mix different colours without getting it wrong. It is a big blue hue that promotes tranquillity and relaxation when you are working.

Gentleman’s Gray

The Gentleman’s Grey is a dark and moody colour that allows you to create an aura of seriousness that is expected in an office. The colour is black, blue and watery and allows ample light to filter into your home office. As its name suggests, the paint is the ideal colour for a home office where you can conduct your business comfortably.

Simply White

If you’re looking for a clean and closed office space, then you should use Simply White. It creates a bright, serene and fresh office which is ideal for work. The bright white space that you create with this paint accords you the priceless feeling of starting the day with a clear mind. It also allows you to change little paint details without demanding too much work.


This dark colour is bold and powerful and allows you to make a statement of “power and opulence”. It is an eye-catching tone that is understated but fully complimentary for corporate aesthetics.

Image source: Pixabay by kirkandmimi

Charmed Violet

Charmed violet is a colour that will influence your mood and how you feel throughout the day. Choose this colour to keep a positive attitude and feel motivated the day long. This colour is excellent for both your bedroom and office because it creates confidence.

Blue Note

Blue Note is a great colour that instantly brings positive energy into your home office. It is great for adding drama in an otherwise drab home-office by saturating it with beautiful sunlight.

Classic Gray

An office is usually a drab and lacklustre environment. By adding a fresh coat of light grey paint, you are invigorating your home office team to work harder in an environment that is bright and energetic

Full Moon

The Full Moon paint is fresh and bright and keeps you from falling asleep when you’re working. It creates a nice and clean backdrop that is ideal for working an 8-hour shift.

Blue Echo

You should always work to add colour to your workspace – without exception| The Blue Echo colour is a vibrant blue paint with some subtle tones of grey. The paint creates a different sheen for your bookcases and walls. It gives a pleasant environment where you can get creative and put down real work.

Shaded White

If you love strong colours, then the shaded white is the best for your home office. It can go either with feminine or masculine home offices. It is best paired with black accents and black desks and tan upholstery to create manly office space. To create a feminine office space, you can accent the shaded white with hues of blue and red or neutral colours.

Oval Room Blue

The Oval Room Blue is a soft blue-green hue that offsets the warmth created by woods. It brings a sense of calm in your office when it is accentuated with neutral colours. The colour is exceptionally beautiful when painted on cabinets and drawers in your office.


The Shoreline paint is a crisp of grey that creates a peaceful environment to work when painted in a home office.

Silver Mist

If blue is your colour, then Silver Mist should be the colour you paint in your office space at home. It creates a clean backdrop for a corporate atmosphere. It is a beautiful colour that you should consider if your work requires a lot of silence and inspiration.

Stiffkey Blue

This is a vibrant deep blue colour that is best used for painting the cabinets in your office or its front door. It is best used by mixing it with copper or other metallic finishes to make it more elegant. The colour looks great because it creates a dramatic effect on contemporary office walls. It is a dreamy colour that complements the other colours in your office. It is warm and soft.

Strong White

If you’re looking for an office space that is fresh, inspiring, and clean, then Strong White should be the colour you paint your office. It is beautiful and creates an airy vibe.

Super White

The Super White paint from Benjamin Moore is clean, bright and vibrant. It in invigorates you to work for long hours.

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