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Can you paint over colorbond fence? Image source: youtube

Can You Paint Over Colorbond Fence?

You can paint over colorbond fence. All you need to do is mop it down, using dishwashing liquid and water. Rub it down to remove any dirt, debris or greasy details and then hose it all down so that there is no foam left on the fence. Then, it is necessary to leave the fence to dry completely.

There is a difference between the processes of repainting the new colorbond fence and the old one.

Repainting new colorbond fence – the new colorbond fencing may still have some lubricants on it. They are used for roll forming and they will prevent your new colour from evenly covering the colorbond fence panels.

To make sure that the colour adhesion is sufficient and adequate, you need to lightly sand the surface of the colorbond fence before painting. Then, you need to proceed and clean the fence as described above.

Repainting colorbond fence older than one year – In this case, your colorbond fencing is already weathered. That means that the lubricants are already washed off and there is not need for sanding. You should just wash the colorbond fence and move on to the painting.

You need a water-based acrylic paint, made for exterior conditions. Get the best quality you can find. Follow the instructions by the manufacturer. You will need at least two coatings of the paint, when you do your repaint.

In short, this is how you can repaint your colorbond fence on your own. The questions remains – should you? Well, a lot of professionals will let you know that they don’t think you should repaint the colorbond fence. In that way, you can damage the integrity of the fence and diminish its protective properties.

The best way to go about your colorbond fence is to simply replace it. Yes, this means more investment, but it doesn’t have to be over the top. Get quotes from colorbond fence installation experts all over Australia. They will give you estimates for your precise project, so you can compare them and pick the best one.

What Is Colorbond Fencing Colour?

There are 14 different colorbond colours that are available for your fencing. Therefore, there is no need to repaint your colorbond fencing since you can choose from one of these amazing hues.

The colorbond colours are baked onto the colorbond steel. The colorbond fencing is treated with several anti-corrosive coatings, one of them being a specially designed colour primer. That colour primer ensures excellent colorbond colours adhesion to the surface.

This results in colour that doesn’t crack. It will never peel or in any way fall off the colorbond fence. This quality is in jeopardy if you sand it and remove the colour finish.

The colorbond colours meant for Fencing are mostly either cool, greyish tones that are inspired by the air, sea and sky or the earthy and green tones inspired by the soil, sand and bushland. Here are they all:

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Now, let’s look into the most commonly used colorbond colours for colorbond fences. Choosing the right colour right away will prevent you from repainting your colorbond fence, save your warranty and give you the best colorbond fence for your property.

What Is Basalt Colorbond Colour?

Do you know what is the colour of the stone named basalt? It is a dark grey stone with cool and elegant shine to it. That is just what the colorbond Basalt looks like, as well.

You can combine it with other cool tones and it will work very well with sharp design lines and contemporary and modern designs. On the other hand, if you have a traditional style home, your best bet will be warmer tones.

If you like Basalt, but you would like to see some other tones that are similar, but not precisely the same, take a look at Ironstone and Dune. These two colorbond colours are also on the grey scale, but Dune is a bit lighter while Ironstone is a darker colour.

Dune is a lighter shade of grey. While it has been inspired by the ground of the bushland and the colours of marsupial fur. It is also the colour of the cloudy sky. This inspiration comes from Australian nature.

Ironstone is a darker shade of grey. It is has some bluish and purple undertones that make it a nice, deep, cool colour, perfect for the colorbond fence that is meant to provide depth to the garden.

What Is Dune Colorbond Colour?

We already mentioned that the Dune is inspired by Australian-specific colours. The dusty ground in the bushland and the grey fur of the marsupials are what comes to mind when you look at this shade. While this makes it an excellent choice for the homes in the nature, it also fits quite well in urban environments.

While it we already said that other grey shades are Basalt and Ironstone, you can also combine Dune with lighter versions. Namely, you should look into Surfmist and even Shale Grey if you want grey colorbond fence, but not as dark as Dune is.

Surfmist is a very bright colour. It is probably the brightest of all colorbond colours. Some people confuse it with white, but it is obvious that it has a grey shade to it as soon as you put it against truly white colour. The inspiration behind this colour are the wave crests and the sea mists.

Shale Grey is also a very bright and light grey colour. However, it is a bit darker than Surfmist. This is the colour of rocks and pebbles on the Australian beaches. It looks great in combination with other, darker grey colorbond colours.

While it is possible to repaint your colorbond fencing, it is best if you simply replace it when you get tired of its colours. For that, you will need a good colorbond fence installer. Get quotes from proven professionals and make sure you don’t overpay for your colorbond fencing project.

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