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Last updated: 6th Jun 2019


Painting your home, workplace, restaurant or school is important for a multitude of reasons. A good paint job can even enhance people’s moods, so it’s essential to take the time to plan for the best outcome. 

Once the paint has been applied, there’s a small window of time where things can go wrong. Make sure you stop people from getting wet paint on their hands, clothes or shoes. 

Here are some eye-catching free wet paint signs you can download and print to stop people in their tracks before they ruin your precious paint job. Brilliant!

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Real Estate Wet Paint Signs

Colourful Real Estate Wet Paint Signs

Whether you rent or own your own apartment, flat, duplex or house there’s little that has as much of an effect than a fresh coat of paint to freshen up appearances. Keep your rooms looking great with our range of wet-paint signs. Read more

Wet Paint Signs for Children

Fun Wet Paint Signs For Children

Did you know that 80% of our brain receives information visually? As a result, we react differently when we’re exposed to a variety of colours. Children, especially, whether at home, school or daycare benefit from freshly painted surrounds. But, keep those little hands off the wet paint! Read more

Wet Paint Signs for Your Office

Handy Wet Paint Signs for Your Office

Keeping your workplace clean, bright and friendly is essential for your employees. By applying a vibrant or relaxing colour on your office walls you can lift your employees’ moods, increase their productivity and influence their behaviour. Stop people inadvertently brushing against a wet surface with these signs. Read more

Cafés and Restaurants-Wet Paint Signs

Café And Restaurant Wet Paint Signs

Cafés and restaurants can keep a smart, clean look by keeping their walls, ceilings and fixtures freshly painted. But there’s nothing worse than when a customer who approaches you with paint on their hands, or worse, clothes. Prevent this from happening with some tailor-made wet paint signs. Read more

Bi-lingual Wet Paint Signs

Useful Bi-lingual Wet Paint Signs

Although English is Australia’s national language we are also considered to be culturally and linguistically diverse. Many Australians speak languages such as Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian, and many more. Read more