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Renovation Battle of the Sexes

Image Courtesy of United Handyman Association
The men and women of Australia have weighed in on all things handy(wo)man- the skills they have and the skills they wished they had. In 2017 it seemed appropriate to re-assess public opinion to see whether the stereotypes of men and women in the area of home improvements still exist. A recent survey conducted by jobs site interviewed 1,700 users and the results showed some surprising insights into both genders…
Which tradies make us jealous?
Surprisingly men seem to be attracted to the more technical roles, while women have chosen the more labour intensive trades 
Most Hated DIY Job:
Unclogging the toilet was the most hated DIY job, but men are happier to oblige with 35% of men identifying this as the most hated job v 43% of women. 23% of men are adverse to the idea of painting a room compared to the majority of women who aren’t phased.



Reasons why we HATE DIY:
  • Women are less likely to complain about wasting their time than men (34% v 40%).
  • Men are less likely to complain about being physically exhausted than women (14% v 22% of women)


Who wins with DIY:
  • 35% of men will try DIY most of the time before hiring a tradie versus 24% of women
  • While women are less likely to DIY, men more often find that their DIY job doesn’t turn out how they picture it (42%)

Where we agree:

  • Only 4% of both men and women rated getting dirty as the worst part of DIY
  • Fixing a leaking tap isn’t high on their list of unpleasant DIY jobs (men at 11% and women 10%)

So in the end, who wins the renovations battle of the sexes? From an economical stance men take the Gold, more often choosing to DIY to save money. Yet with DIY they run the risk of the job not turning out the way it was supposed to. So in terms of efficiency, women take the Gold by opting to get the job done by a professional.

The data is from a survey of more than 1,700 customers and businesses of in September 2017.

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