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Pest 2 kill team

Stop Pests In Their Tracks

Caring for a property can be extremely difficult. There are endless tasks and projects that need to happen to make sure that a home is liveable, and even more to make sure that it is a pleasure to live in. But, no matter how hard we try, it seems like some problems are inevitable – weeds in the garden, leaks in the roof and worst of all, pest infestations. Luckily for us, there are great businesses out there to help and Sydney’s Pest2Kill is one of the best.


Julian from Pest2Kill is one of Service Seeking’s top businesses and it is easy to see why. With 40-50 new satisfied customers from Service Seeking, Pest2Kill’s 92% review is a feat to behold. Julian’s business motto is that of establishing strong customer relationships through professionalism, quality work and friendliness. And this is reflected as Michael from St. Ives says that “Julian offers an Excellent & Honest Service, Communication A+, Punctual, is very easy to get along with and knows his profession very well.”


Pest2Kill places a high emphasis on clear and honest communication with their customers. Julian revealed one of his biggest challenges as a pest exterminator: bedbugs! He says that “Bed bugs are probably one of the most resistant pest out there and they also have a horrible bite. People have been known to move house due to the ferocity of these creatures and have to also had to sell beds, and sofas to get rid of the issue.” But, happy customer Junko was saved the money and hassle of replacing her infested furniture as Julian’s team successfully removed the nasty creatures.


Julian’s tips for success on Service Seeking are to “Be honest with your pricing, respond quickly, be flexible with prices to respond to Sydney’s diverse demographic, and always talk the customer through what you do.” He also says that Pest2Kill are proud to be a relatively small, family owned company and believe that because of this they can provide the best quality work.