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What is roof paint and why it is important Image source: Pixabay by roofimages

What Is Roof Paint and Why Is It Important?

Roof paint is a fluid applied to the topmost membrane of the roof. It has elasticity features that allow it to stretch and return to its former shape as the weather changes. It is applied to protect the underlying roof from damage by infrared and ultraviolet rays of the sun, hailstorms, rain, rust and physical […]

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The boys from Kangaroof love our unique platform

Sal and Moe, owners of roofing business ‘Kangaroof’, have been with ServiceSeeking.com.au for three years. “We’re very happy with ServiceSeeking and we have been since we joined you guys. We’ve been operating for about 10 years and have worked with other companies before, but my personal favourite is ServiceSeeking.com.au because these are genuine people looking […]

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To paint yourself or hire a professional?

Should you DIY or hire a tradesman for these jobs?

Doing home improvement projects by yourself is a rewarding feat. Moreover, performing simple tasks around the house can save you money. However, there are still some jobs that you should never carry out yourself. If you value safety, it’s better to hire a qualified tradesman for any of the following tasks. Roof repair Whenever a […]

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Different types of guttering

Having an effective guttering system is essential as it can help protect your property from damage caused by rainwater. If you haven’t installed a gutter yet, you’ll eventually find yourself dealing with foundation problems, water damage to siding, water staining on bricks, flooding in basements and under houses, etc. If you want to avoid these […]

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Roof gutters

Why do you need roof gutters?

Rainwater can cause major damage to your house. Since rain is unavoidable, you need to have a properly placed roof gutter system to channel the water away from your house. The purpose of guttering is to direct rainwater that falls on the roof away from the house and into your drainage system. Without a gutter […]

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Old roof

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof is a common problem that a lot of home-owners are familiar with. It’s a dilemma that’s not often seen unless it rains and by then it’s too late. Aside from the ugly water stains on your ceiling, roof leaks are also the culprit for mouldy and damaged insulation. But how do you […]

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