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Tradies Top 5 Picks for 2018

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5th January 2018 surveyed over 800 customers and businesses to find the top tradie picks for 2018, so here is a list of the 5 things that make a tradies day run smoothly.

 1. Toyota Hilux
To start off the work day in good stead a tradie needs a powerful chariot to deliver his materials to the work site. The Toyota Hilux was voted the favourite ute for the job by a landslide at 39%. According to the Toyota Hilux has consistently had the highest commercial ute sales for the past 17 years. Coming in at second place is the Ford Ranger, which Gen Z voted as their favourite ute at 33%.   

In the era of the internet tradies have moved online to expand their business and generate more customers. was voted as the favourite app for operating a business and completing jobs at 49%. The app makes connecting with customers and quoting easier and more accessible, and allows customers to review tradies for their quality work.

 3. Google Maps
As part of the job description, tradies work on a different location from month to month and sometimes every week. Google maps has made it far easier to arrive to work on time and avoid the nasty stereotype that a tradie is never on time. That is why Google Maps was voted the second favourite app for tradies at 46%.

 4. Labrador
At 21.5% Labradors are by far a tradies best friend. Intelligent and reliable, a Labrador is the perfect dog to have on site to raise work morale and guard the tools.

 5. A Footlong Subway Sandwich
After a long and physically strenuous work day the footlong subway sandwich is the most popular meal to refuel as voted by 21.4% of tradies. At $7 a foot these sandwiches offer a healthy alternative to the stereotypical meat pie and OAK choccy milk. And breaking more stereotypes, tradies voted sushi as a close second for their favourite lunch at 19%.

So for the tradies out there, start 2018 out with a bang and treat yourself to a few favourites to make the work day run smoothly.

The data is from a survey of more than 800 users of in December 2017, an online services marketplace connecting customers with over 150,000 local businesses.