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VIC has the cheapest tradies, but the richest Plumbers

(3rd November 2017) Victorian tradies are charging 5 per cent less than the national hourly rate, reclaiming their title as the cheapest state for renovations for the second year in a row. Yet while rates are cheap across most trades, Plumbers are flush with cash according to new data released by The Victorian plumber is the best paid tradie in Australia, charging 7 per cent above the national hourly average at $91.21/hour. Hourly rates have been on a slow incline throughout the year, with a 4 per cent increase since 2016 and a 5 per cent increase over the last quarter.

So what exactly can you expect to pay this summer for a tradie in Victoria?

The cheapest hourly rates compared to the national average:

  • Painters are 12% below the national average at $38.95/hour
  • Plasterers are 11% below the national average at $43.46/hour
  • Builders are 10% below the national average at $60.88/hour
  • Electricians are 7% below the national average at $72.18/hour
  • Tilers are 6% below the national average at $52.42/hour
  • Landscapers are also 6% below the national average at $51.05/hour

Hourly rates that are down since 2016:

  • Tilers are down by 9%
  • Plasterers are down by 8%
  • Painters are down by 4%
  • Electricians are down by 1%

Hourly rates that are up since 2016:

  • Plumbers are up by 21% at $91.21/hour
  • Landscapers are up 11% at $51.05/hour
  • Carpenters are up 10% at $58.73/hour

Hourly rates are “gross” rates and aside from including the cost of labour, also cover the cost of running the business including insurance, tools, work vehicles, insurance and superannuation.

The prices were derived by comparing a sample of 52,000 quotes submitted during the FY18 Q1 through, the website for getting any job done.

For further information, or to see the full table of hourly rates and prices, please click here.


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