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What colorbond colour is monument? Image source: oukas

What Colorbond Colour Is Monument?

Monument colorbond colour is a part of Fencing, Ultra and the latest Matt palettes. This is the colour that has been inspired by the deep tones of the Australian cities.

This makes it a good choice for the city fences, especially if you want to give your exterior and nice and deep grady shade. Vivid greenery and bright coloured outdoor furniture will pop up against such a background.

Image source: empirefencing

We mentioned the Fencing, Ultra and Matt palettes. They are only three out of five classes of Colorbond colours. The other two are Classic and Contemporary. These categories don’t mean that each of them contain different colours. On the contrary, same colours appear in two or even more categories.

The purpose of these categories is to give you some inspiration. Just like the colorbond colours, they don’t have the expected names, such as “green” or “blue”. They are words and styles that are inspired by particular Australian landscapes. Discuss the choice of your colorbond fencing colours with your installer as they may have more suggestions.

Monument colorbond colour is a dark shade of grey. Other shades of grey include: Ironstone, Basalt, Wallaby, Windspray, Woodland Grey, but also very light shades of grey, such as Dune and Shale Gray. If you are looking for alternatives to Monument or a grey tone to combine it with, look into these colours.

Monument is among the darkest grey colorbond colours. If you want an even darker colorbond fencing, try Night Sky. It is almost entirely black. That may be a bit too dark for you.

In that case, you should look into Woodland Grey or Ironstone. Both of these colorbond colors are dark, but while Ironstone has a bit of blue to it, Woodland Grey carries the tones of olives and eucalyptus in it.

For lighter tones, better options are Dune and Shale Grey. Dune is a warm grey colour that resembles stone and sand and it is a pale and neutral colour meant for colorbond fencing that would blend into the bushland areas. Shale Gray is also a light colour, but it is a much cooler shade. It is the colour of mist and grey sand.

The middle ranges of grey are Basalt, Wallaby and Windspray. If Shale Gray resembles mist, then Windspray is that same mist on a cloudy day. Wallaby is in the same range of mid-level grey, but it is less blue and more earthy. Basalt is also among the most commonly used colorbond colours. So, let’s talk about that colorbond colour in more detail.

What Colorbond Colour Is Basalt?

Basalt is the colorbond colour that features mid-range grey tones with no green hue in it, whatsoever. This leaves it with a strong, solid colour that resembles the type of stone it was named after. This is a good colour for modern and contemporary designs and isn’t the best choice for the countryside and natural environment.

You will find colorbond colour of Basalt in Fencing, Matt and Contemporary palettes. We already said that it is similar to Monument, but besides those two colorbond colours, it also has the most similarities with Wallaby and Windspray.

Wallaby is a bit warmer grey colorbond colour that works perfectly well with both traditional and contemporary designs. It is highly versatile and it works well with most of the building materials. It will look good next to glass and steel, but also wood and different types of timber.

Windspray is a cooler variant of the grey colorbond fencing. It’s blue undertones make it work perfectly with cool stone colours and similar materials that will not clash with the lack of warmth in this colour.

When thinking about combining Basalt with other colorbond colours when creating colorbond fence design, you have a wide range of options. Lighter greys like Shale Grey and Surfmist will work well with it, if you use them for posts and/or lattice.

What Colorbond Colour Is Ironstone?

Ironstone is just a tad less dark than Monument and it has a drop of purple in it. Still it is a dark grey colorbond colour inspired by the colour of distant mountains or sky during the storm.

Ironstone works perfectly for colorbond fences in coastal areas, because it fits well with the environment. However, the dark and strong colour like this one won’t stand out from the urban environment, either.

Image source: fencemagic

It can be found in both Fencing and Contemporary colorbond palettes. It has already been mentioned that Monument and Ironstone are similar as both being dark shades of grey. Deep Ocean from the Classic category is deep blue colour that shares the blue note with Ironstone.

Deep Ocean has a very self explanatory name. This hue is pretty much traditional and an all-time classic. Its royal shade makes it a great choice for all settings, both rural and urban.

Is Surfmist Colorbond Colour White?

No. Surfmist is not a white colour. Surfmist is a very pale grey colorbond colour. However, a lot of people will refer to this colour as “dirty white”. It is a cool colour with no warm tones and is inspired by the white sand, sea mist and yachts. Surfmist makes a great exterior paint colour. Since it is neutral and so light, it is perfect for both entire colorbond fence panels and the details like lattice and posts.

Image source: globalfencing

Surfmist fits into Fencing, Matt, Ultra and Contemporary colorbond colours. The only category that doesn’t contain it is Classic. Similarly light colours are Evening Haze, Shale Grey and Dune.

Shale Grey is probably how a bit darker Surfmist would look like. That is roughly a similar cool tone, but a lot more grey added to it. Dune is even darker, but it also has hints of warmer tones. Evening Haze is right there next to Shale Grey when it comes to intensity of colour, but it has greenish undertones that are not the characteristic of Surfmist.

These are the most commonly used grey tones of colorbond colours. If you want to combine them into your colorbond fence, you need to make sure that your colorbond fence installer has his say in it.

Obviously, you would want a good installer, but you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on your colorbond fence installation. The answer to this is to shop around. Ask for colorbond fence quote from the best installers in Australia and compare the prices. It’s that easy.

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