Last updated: 7th Feb 2018

What is Airtasker? is an online platform and mobile app allowing consumers to outsource their tasks to other everyday Australians who are looking to earn some extra cash. The type of jobs you can get done on Airtasker range from complicated to simple, such as home cleaning, handyman jobs, admin work, graphic design or even puppy minding. Airtasker was founded in 2012 by co-founders Tim Fung and Jonathan Lui. 

How do workers get paid?

Users who wish to hire someone using Airtasker must add their credit card details through the site.  When a task is completed, the worker can request payment via the Airtasker website or app. Airtasker will then charge the user’s credit card for the agreed task amount and pay the worker.

How much does it cost?

Airtasker takes a 15% service fee out of the agreed and accepted task price. For example, if a task is successfully completed with an agreed task price of $200, Airtasker charges $30 and the worker will receive $170.

There are no fees to post a job and hire a worker, or to sign up as a worker and post bids. 

What is and how does it differ from Airtasker? is an online marketplace founded in 2007 that connects Australian consumers to registered, local businesses from a range of different industries. Service providers on must have an ABN and often have a licence for the work they perform, usually indicated by license checks and badges on their ServiceSeeking profile page.

The difference in fees for service providers

Busness members of pay a monthly or annual fee to connect with relevant jobs posted in their area. does not charge a service fee or take a commision from the customer’s payment, or charge to quote on individual leads.

Open communication’s website and app is completely free for customers to use, and once they post a job. they are free to contact and discuss the details of their project with as many businesses as they would like. In comparison to Airtasker, customers do not have to hire a business to receive their contact details and organise a site visit.

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