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Top Australian Fence Services

  • Bridge Property Solutions

    Bridge Property Solutions is a family-owned business that provides excellent solutions for your fencing needs. They can supply and install all types of fences and gates, and their team can do fence repair too.

    46 Reviews
  • A.R.M.S Allround Maintenance Services

    Want to give your property a facelift? A.R.M.S Allround Maintenance Services can help you achieve an awesome look with their fencing services. They can send fence quotes online and give professional advice.

    42 Reviews
  • Jerome's Professional Property Maintenance

    Jerome's Professional Property Maintenance offers complete services, and they make sure to deliver high-standard results. Jerome has over 16 years of experience, and he can send free quotes for fence jobs.

    42 Reviews
  • Simplicity By Design

    Simplicity By Design can handle different types of jobs like painting, plastering, and home renovations. Their team makes sure that the work is done on time and to the highest standard. They can provide fence quotes too.

    26 Reviews
    Glen Waverley,VIC
  • All Star Fencing

    All Star Fencing specialises in commercial and residential fences. If you're considering to get a Colorbond fence for your property, they can help you determine if it's the type of fencing best suited to your needs.

    32 Reviews
  • Moores Outdoors Landscaping Pty Ltd

    Moores Outdoors and Home Maintenance offers a full range of services that will keep your property in tip-top shape. They supply and install patios and driveways and can provide a high-quality fence service too.

    26 Reviews
  • Peter Marshall Property Maintenance

    Peter Marshall Property Maintenance can do different types of work. If you're looking for fence contractors in your area, you might want to consider getting them for the job. They can install picket and pool fences.

    25 Reviews
    West Lakes Shore,SA
  • ISF

    Ivan Stringer Fencing

    Need a hand for your Colorbond fence installation? Ivan Stringer Fencing can supply and install all types of fencing. Ivan and his team are experienced in this trade, so they can definitely provide first-rate results.

    23 Reviews
  • EBC(

    Equity Building Co (WA)

    Equity Building Co has a 12-year experience in concreting and Colorbond fencing. They have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on your project and provide concreting and Colorbond fence quotes.

    23 Reviews
  • JBJ Fencing and Decking

    JBJ Fencing and Decking specialises in paling and picket fences as well as decking. If you're looking for dependable timber fence contractors, they can provide high-quality services suited to your needs.

    19 Reviews
  • Fimeri and Co Fencing and Property Maintenance

    Fimeri and Co Fencing and Property Maintenance specialises in the installation of picket and paling fences as well as feature fencing. If you want upfront fence quotes, try discussing your job with them.

    29 Reviews
  • AAHR Building and Construction Maintenance Services

    If you need the expertise of timber fence contractors, AAHR Building and Construction Maintenance Services is a reliable business that you can talk to. They have a team of experienced tradies who are ready to help.

    20 Reviews
  • PH&L

    Pikes Handyman & Labour Services

    Looking for a high-quality fence service? Pikes Handyman & Labour Services has been in the building trade for about 16 years. They specialise in building sheds and fences, painting, gardening, and household repairs.

    18 Reviews
    Mount Evelyn,VIC
  • ABC Fencing

    ABC Fencing has over 10 years of experience in the fencing trade. They can install various types of fencing like aluminium, glass, and steel. If you need assistance with your Colorbond fence installation, they can help.

    18 Reviews
  • Home Grown Maintenance

    Home Grown Maintenance is a landscaping and handyman services provider. They offer quotes for fence and gate installation, paving, decking, and cladding jobs. Their other services include tiling, planting, and mulching.

    19 Reviews
  • Peninsula Bushwhacker

    Want a paling fence in your property? Peninsula Bushwhacker can give the current paling fence cost so that you can better prepare your budget. They also offer other types of fencing like Colorbond and Merbau.

    18 Reviews
    Coolum Beach,QLD
  • ProWAfencing

    ProWAfencing is an expert in supplying and installing steel, timber, and tubular fences. If you want to get an idea on Colorbond fence prices, they would be happy to send you an estimate for your job.

    18 Reviews
  • Need A Fencer * Fencing & Gate Specialists *

    Need A Fencer offers a full range of fencing services. They can handle fence repair, replacement, and installation jobs. With over 25 years in the industry, their staff can deliver first-rate work.

    18 Reviews
  • D&S Fencing has more than 18 years of experience in this trade, and their staff's workmanship guarantees a high-quality work. If you need fence quotes, you can easily approach them to discuss your job.

    17 Reviews
  • Neil McLeay Maintenance

    If you're looking to hire fence contractors, Neil McLeay Maintenance might be your best pick. Aside from installing fences, they also provide turf laying, irrigation, and rubbish removal services.

    18 Reviews
  • HW

    Herbert Wessels

    Herbert Wessels is a trusted name in fencing installation. His expertise includes pine lap, chain mesh, aluminium, and steel fences. He also gives a fair Colorbond fence price, so he's definitely worth considering.

    17 Reviews
  • VFD

    Vogue Fencing Designs

    Looking to have a timber fence or a pool fence? Vogue Fencing Designs can build all types of fences for you. Their expertise in this trade enables them to deliver high-quality work that can satisfy your requirements.

    14 Reviews
    Mount Martha,VIC
  • Inside Outside Handyman & Property Services P/L

    Need a fence repair expert? You can rely on Inside Outside Handyman & Property Services to provide a fix that would stand the test of time. They can handle carpentry work and other odd jobs too.

    14 Reviews
    Nar Nar Goon,VIC
  • Johnno's Garden Maintenance

    Johnno's Garden Maintenance can update your fence with ease. Their experience in the trade allows them to produce quality work, which never fails to satisfy customers. They also offer gardening and rubbish removal.

    16 Reviews
    Mount Martha,VIC
  • Guru Construct

    Although Guru Landscapes specialises in landscape design, construction, and maintenance, they also have timber fence contractors who can take care of your fencing needs. They can provide aluminium and pool fences too.

    15 Reviews
    Upper Mount Gravatt,QLD
  • Pool Fence Solutions

    Pool Fence Solutions is a family-run business with over 10 years in the industry. Some types of fencing that they install are steel, aluminium, glass, timber, slat type, and Colorbond fences.

    15 Reviews
    Slacks Creek,QLD
  • AAL&

    Any Aspect Landscapes & Paving

    Any Aspect Landscapes & Paving can help you with all aspects of landscaping. They also have qualified tradespeople who specialise in paving, turfing, and pool and Colorbond fence installation.

    13 Reviews
  • Kailay Property Services

    Kailay Property Services can do all types of repairs for your property. They can also handle jobs like gardening, roof painting and repairs, and door and gate installation. Their staff can give quotes for fence jobs too.

    13 Reviews
  • SF

    Sangha Fencing has more than 5 years of experience in the building and construction trade, and they specialise in landscaping and fencing services. They can offer a great Colorbond fence price for your job too.

    16 Reviews
  • ON TIME Fencing n more

    Got an old fence that you want to remove? ON TIME Fencing N More can replace it with a new one. Their staff makes sure that your needs are taken into account so that they can deliver satisfaction.

    14 Reviews
  • Pride Fencescapes

    Chris, the owner and operator of Pride Fencescapes, has over 15 years of experience in fencing and landscaping. He ensures quality work, may it be for the improvement of your garden or the installation of a timber fence.

    15 Reviews
  • ABC Home Improvements

    Searching for qualified timber fence contractors? ABC Home Improvements is equipped to carry out fence installation for you. They can also offer repair and renovation services for your home.

    22 Reviews
    Browns Plains,QLD
  • ABS

    Andrews Building Services

    Emlyn of Andrews Building Services has more than 11 years of renovation and maintenance experience. He can also install high-quality fences and offer free fence quotes for jobs of various sizes.

    13 Reviews
    St Kilda East,VIC
  • Evagreen

    Looking to a find a timber fence specialist? Evagreen can do a wide range of tasks and make your landscaping or home renovation project a success. They can build, repair, and replace fences.

    14 Reviews
  • BP

    Ben Perry

    Ben Perry is a qualified carpenter with extensive experience in fencing. Aside from providing a high-quality fence service, he can also do roofing, plastering, concreting, landscaping, and large renovations.

    12 Reviews
  • Bellmark Fencing

    Bellmark Fencing is a family business that has been operating for more than 22 years. They specialise in different kinds of fencing, and their staff would be happy to give free quotes for fence installations.

    13 Reviews
  • MTMF

    Mick The Master Fencer

    Mick The Master Fencer provides fast and high-quality services. This makes him a go-to person for various fencing needs. If you want to compare fence quotes, he'd be happy to send you upfront pricing for his services.

    16 Reviews
  • Spruced Constructions

    Although Spruced Constructions is a small business, Mark, its owner, can guarantee a first-rate job. He specialises in flooring, decking, and fence installation. You can also call on him to do home handiwork.

    81 Reviews
  • PDB Homes Pty Ltd

    Got a home improvement project you've been wanting to start? PDB Homes can help you in various aspects like fencing, concreting, and decking. Feel free to have a chat with them and don't forget to ask for a fence quote.

    36 Reviews
    Robina Town Centre,QLD
  • Kontis Fencing Automatic Gates PTY LTD Fencing - Gates - Pergolas - Decking

    Kontis Fencing Automatic Gates & Decking has a team of skilled professionals who ensure the best value for your money. They specialise in paling fences, so their staff can easily give you an estimated paling fence cost.

    27 Reviews
  • Mature Trades

    Got a fence repair job? You might want to hire a tradie from Mature Trades. Their staff is made up of skilled and dependable tradespeople who ensure high-quality work. Their services are definitely worth every penny.

    22 Reviews
  • HP

    Handy Pete

    Looking for reliable fence contractors? Handy Pete has over 20 years of experience in providing fencing services for private and commercial properties. Their expertise also includes welding and decking.

    20 Reviews
  • SF

    SSF Fencing has done lots of fence installation jobs for commercial and residential properties. Their expertise includes aluminium slat fencing, and their staff is known for being efficient and professional.

    16 Reviews

Common Types of Fences in Australia

Planning to install a fence on your property? It’s important to know your options before you choose the best type of fence for your place. Read on to know more about the most common kinds of fencing.

By fencing off your property, you will be able to reap many benefits including an improved curb appeal and enhanced security and privacy.

  • Improved curb appeal
    Having a lawn and always keeping it neat and trimmed can give a good curb appeal to your place. But did you know that you can still make it better? All you need to do is have a fence installed! You can instantly see how it dramatically improves the aesthetics of your property.

  • Privacy
    You’ll find it hard to enjoy special occasions or do certain things in your home or in your front and backyard if passersby and your neighbours have a clear view of your property. When you have a fence installed, you’ll have more privacy, and it will be easier for you to do everything you need to do.

  • Security
    When you fence off your place, you’ll be giving your kids and pets a safe place where they can play freely. It will be easier for you to keep an eye on them too. Also, fences prevent strangers and animals from entering your property. This helps secure not only your safety and possessions, but their safety as well, especially if you have a swimming pool and other dangerous equipment at your place.

Different types of fences

Don’t forget to talk to fence contractors about these fence types and ask them for advice on the best type that’s perfect for your needs and requirements.

  1. Timber fence
    Timber fencing is the most popular type of fencing. Not only does it give a sense of privacy because of its height, it also has a certain appeal that others don’t. If you want to give your home a cosy, warm, and a closer-to-nature feel, talking to timber fence contractors is your best bet.There are also different types of timber to choose from, so you can surely get the best timber fence that matches the overall look of your property.

  2. Colorbond fence
    If you’re looking for a fence that can withstand Australia’s extreme climate and weather, then Colorbond fencing is the perfect choice. Australian-made, it is designed to be long-lasting and sturdy. Moreover, it is easy to maintain. Colorbond fencing is also backed by a 10-year warranty. It’s also fireproof, and it greatly improves properties’ security and privacy. If you think this fence type is for you, talk to specialists in doing Colorbond fence installation jobs.

  3. Steel fencing
    Steel fences are durable, and they last for decades. They withstand severe weather conditions and resist impact too. That’s why they’re mostly used in places that need high security levels. Also, they bear close resemblance to expensive wrought iron fences. No wonder it is a highly favoured fence type! The downside is steel fences rust even though they can be galvanised or powder-coated. The only thing you can do to delay the corrosion is to regularly paint and maintain them.

  4. Aluminium fence
    Aluminium fencing is the sustainable alternative to steel fencing. Aluminium doesn’t rust, and it can also be recycled. It’s cheaper and requires little maintenance too! You’ll have to do your best not to damage it, though. It’s not as sturdy as steel; it easily gets dents. It’s perfect for people who are looking for greener and more affordable fencing solutions but has security at the bottom of their priorities.

  5. PVC and vinyl fence
    Ask fence contractors in Australia (and even in other countries) what the best solution would be if you want the look of timber fences but not the maintenance requirement that goes with having a timber fence, and they’ll only say one thing: go for PVC or vinyl fencing. They imitate the look of timber fences; however, they are a bit more expensive to install. When put up, though, they need nothing more than some occasional wash to be in tip-top condition.

  6. Wire fence
    Also known as chain link fences, wire fences has always been among the most inexpensive fencing options. Aside from it being affordable, wire fences also last for years without needing too much maintenance. The downside? It doesn’t give much privacy, and it’s not really visually appealing. But hey, you can always plant flowers, vines, and shrubs near it to make up for the lack of privacy and make it more pleasing.

What to look for when you hire a fencing business

To ensure that you’ll be getting the best value for your money, work only with reliable tradesmen. Don’t forget to check these out when choosing which business to hire for your job.

Qualifications - Always make sure that the business you’re employing is qualified to do your job. Aside from having an ABN, they should also hold a valid licence, especially if it is required by your local council. Australian states have different regulations when it comes to fencing work, so don’t forget to find out whether fence contractors in your area need to be licensed to handle fencing installation, fencing repair, and other fencing jobs or not.

Specialisations - Not all businesses erect the same types of fencing; many still specialise in certain fencing jobs. It’s always best to talk to them about their specialisations and the services that they provide to find out if they have all your needs covered.

Reviews - Do their customers praise and recommend their services? Don’t just rely on what businesses say, know for yourself by reading customer reviews. By doing so, you’ll see if the business you’re considering for your job is professional, trustworthy, courteous, and dependable, if they charge fair prices, and if they’re great at communicating with their customers.

Cost of fencing services

The current average price of fencing jobs is $48 per square metre. However, don’t expect the business you’re hiring for a fencing service to charge you the same price; they’ll base the overall cost on some factors such as the size of the area you want to fence off, the hours it will take to complete the job, and more.

If you need fence quotes, feel free to post your job on You can receive up to 12 cost estimates from our businesses.

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