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What to look for when hiring fencing businesses

Nothing says more about the quality of a fencing business than their past work. Take the time to check out their portfolio to determine their capability and read feedback from previous customers.

Depending on the scope of your fencing job, you may spend lots of time in communication with your fencer. Before making your final selection, it's a good idea to exchange messages and phone calls to clarify job details and test how responsible and personable that business is.

Cost of fencing services

Fencing services start from $48/m2. To find out how much your Fencing job will cost, just let us know the project details and we'll ask Fencing businesses to send through their best quotes. These prices are estimates only but will give you a good indication of how much you can expect to pay. For further pricing details, visit Cost of Fencers in Southside.

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  • 100% positive

    Supply and Installation of all domestic and commercial fencing

  • 95% positive

    All Aspects Fencing QLD has been in business for over 15 years now. We do all types of fencing styles but most of our work still concentrates on t...

  • 94% positive

    Contact us for a quote.

  • 78% positive

    We have been fencing for the last 15 years, we are qualified for all types of fencing no job is to hard, All work is guaranteed. No area is to fa...

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    Latest Reviews

    "I was happy with the service and with the outcome of the job and I didn't have any complaints at all!"

    Michael Tarragindi, QLD

    "Peter Napier made a major mistake in allowing Daniel Evans to intercept and operate under his Plastering and Solid Construction License. Daniel is his son-in-law and the partner to his daughter Samantha Napier (where Daniel had my money directly to her accounts). I gave Daniel repeated opportunities to complete my work, and he lied to me and failed to complete the work in any reasonable time-frame. He has also now ignored my request to have my deposit refunded. I am now in the process of taking him and Peter and Samantha to the Small Claims Tribunal (which I warned Daniel a while ago). I’ll happily post the outcome of this when an independent party has had a chance to look at this (I of course have full documentation). In the meantime, I’d suggest that Daniel is a lead-weight to the family’s reputation."

    Jeff Tarragindi, QLD

    "Very professional. Good job. I wasn't home and they were all very polite too my wife"

    Mitch Inala, QLD

    "Jaimie knows how to work with people to get a great looking professional job done efficiently. A nice guy who does customer service really well. I thoroughly recommend him."

    christine Holland Park, QLD

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