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Types of tasks done by gyprock & plasterboard businesses

A gyprocker's skills are wide and varied. Common tasks include covering doorways and brick walls, upgrading cornices, building archways and fixing ceilings. The most common plastering and gyprocking request on is to repair holes in walls. If you're in the middle of renovating it might be a good idea to make a gyprocker your last port of call - to patch up any damage created by other tradies throughout the works. 

What to look for when hiring gyprock & plasterboard services

The job of a gyprocker is pretty straightforward, so when looking for a gyprock & plasterboard business, make sure to read up on feedback from their previous customers to know the quality of their work. You wouldn't want a patch-up job to need another patching up within a few months! Before making your final selection, it's a good idea to exchange messages and phone calls to clarify job details and see how responsible and personable that business is.

Cost of gyprock & plasterboard services

Gyprock & plasterboard services usually start from $35/hr, but the actual price can be much higher or lower depending on the scope of your job. Let us know the project details and we'll ask gyprock & plasterboard businesses to send through their best quotes. These prices are estimates only but will give you a good indication of how much you can expect to pay. For further pricing details, visit Cost of Gyprockers.

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Contractor Licence No: R78564 OH&S Certified -fully insured -33 years experience -Small and large repairs to gyprock, fibrous plaster and rend...

  • 100% positive

    I have been in the plaster business for 18 years and have had a great success at the platsering trade I have succeeded in all types of plaster C...

  • 98% positive

    We have 25 years experience in plastering, specialising in domestic & commercial, interior & exterior, supply & fix new work & reno / repairs, susp...

    People who you can rely on We are here to help Hi, ...

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    "As a builder its refreshing to come across another straight up,honest, multi skilled tradie/small business operator. Great designer who's 4 eyes (a jestful remark on the fact he wares glasses) provide not only an understanding of esthetic lines, but also the skills and creativity needed to achieve them. To be honest, we put andrew to the test and he passed with flying colours. Now andrew isn't perfect, he needs to spend more time with the clients finding out exactly whats needed and when, which i'm sure he will quickly do. Both myself and the owner are really happy with his work. Don't need to recommend as I know he will have no problem quickly building a good rep as a builder and in no time will, like myself because of volume of work, have to knock back 10 times the amount hes able to do."

    Tim Perth, WA

    "Alex was on time for the job I needed doing. His work was excellent and price was great,would recommend him to friends.regards Ann&Adrian slacks creek."

    Ann Slacks Creek, QLD

    "The first thing he asked when he called was whether I want to pay cash or GST - i.e. giving me the option to pay less by using underhanded and illegal means. Makes me think if their work also use underhanded and illegal means. Doesn't inspire much confidence."

    Ernest Bexley, NSW

    "Friendly and reliable. Job done quickly at a good rate. I will be getting him back to do some more work."

    Peter Bli Bli, QLD

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