Kayran's Bricklaying job

Bricklaying - Palmyra, WA

We had to take down our brick wall to allow new crossover and pedestrian access to be built.

Now reinstalling wall with new pillars for gate access.

3 pillars each 350x350mm and 1.8 metres high
3.5 metres of wall at 1.8 metres

Bricks have been bought Brikmakers cored vintage red tumbled with solids for topping.

Footings where previous wall was remain but please allow for new concrete for pillars and 1.5 metres of wall.

Please give quote inclusive of all materials other than bricks.

Please advise of availability in the next few weeks

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Not Specified

Budget: Not Specified

Site Visit:

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 17 September 2020
Status: Hired
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