Caroline's Kitchen Renovation job

Kitchen Renovation - Willoughby, NSW

I currently live in a strata apartment, and I am interested in renovating my kitchen. I would like to reformat my kitchen and convert it from a closed kitchen to an open one with an island in the middle.

Requirement 1: To do that, this will require me knocking over the (brick) wall that separates my kitchen from my living room. I would like to get advice as a part of this quote if this is possible? And also the cost of doing it?

Requirement 2: If knocking down the wall is not possible, as an alternative, I would like to put an opening in the wall as a serving hatch/ breakfast bar. I would like a quote of how much that will cost?

Pls include the cost of replacing the cabinetry & additional joinery required. I don't intend to replace my appliances at this point. My kitchen size is 2.3m x 3.3m.


Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Not Specified

Budget: More than $5000

Site Visit:

Schedule: No set date
Budget: $5,001
Posted: 12 February 2020
Status: Open for quoting
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