Grant's Home Renovation job

Home Renovation - Charlestown, NSW

2015 Mitsubishi triton twin cab.
Left rear door dent and surface scratch (not down to metal).
First scratch, being a surface scratch about 3 cm at crease in door area with dent being more a compression than dent.
Second scratch, no dent or compression, surface scratch only about3 cm.

Neither scratch exposes metal, in fact does not appear to expose undercoat.

Not other damage, paint being grey or silver metallic.

Rear cargo tub is replaced with aluminium tray, so no damaged body or paint work to cargo a rear.

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Need job done this week

Budget: Not Specified

Site Visit: No site visit required

Schedule: This Week
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 14 February 2020
Status: Closed
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