Matt's General carpentry job

General Carpentry - Marrickville, NSW

Need carpenter/handyman to install skirting, door frames, architraves and handles and hang a bathroom vanity mirror.

Skirting - about 110 lineal meters of skirting that need to be installed to a new addition/renovation. Approx 85m is 240mm MDF. The other 25m is 75mm MDF. All primed and painted. Looking for install.

Half the house is a old federation style brick. The other half is new addition gyprock.

5 doors need to be hung and handled.
3 door games already exist, one frame is onsite that can be reused for the 4th door and the last door needs a new frame.

Have all doors, hinges, skirting and handles. Have one frame to reuse fit and install but need one new frame. I can go get materials or work out with you.

Specific Job Details:

Need job done this week

Site Visit: A weekday
Visit during: Business hours

Schedule: This Week
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 15 December 2019
Status: Closed
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