Ross' Security alarm systems job

Security alarm system - Bateman, WA

I am currently building a 2 storey home in Bateman which is due to be completed in July.

As you can imagine money is a little tight an so I'm just looking to get a basic installed with to begin with.

I'm looking for:
Wireless Pet friendly sensor (40kg)
Wireless keypad
Slim siren
Ability to be extended to additional 15 wireless reeds/shocks
Ability to arm/disarm remotely (IP module)
No phone line requirement
No Monitoring
GPO has already been installed for the main panel.

Would you be able to provide a quote for me please?

Please note I struggle to answer my phone during the day and so email may be best.

Many Thanks,

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: On a particular date
Time: 10:15 AM
Date: 01/07/2018

Does customer have a budget for the job?: Yes

Visit schedule: No site visit required

Schedule: 01/07/2018
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 04 February 2018
Status: Open for quoting
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