Rob's Electrician job

Electrician Needed - Calwell, ACT

Rob needs quotes for a Residential electrical job in Calwell

They need an electrician for the following task(s):

- hot water system repairs/installation
- powerpoint repairs/installation

They need the work to start within the next few days.

Rob's comments: Electrical circuits and switches for new solar HWS.
Solar HWS DIN rail timer (Hager EG010 supplied), HWS isolating weatherprotected surface switch (16A Clipsal WS226 supplied IP66) HWS differential controller and pump weatherprotected Double Power Outlet (10A Clipsal WSC227/2 supplied IP53)
New Solar HWS comes with a 2.4kW element. House has solar PV inverter installed next to meterboard. Meter is a TOU net metered system, installed in June. PV was installed in 2013. DIN rail is fitted with RCD combos for entire house, five existing circuits.

- 29 September 20

Schedule: - 29 September 20
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 26 September 2020
Status: Open for quoting
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