Kylie's Electrician job

Electrician - Broadmeadows, VIC

Hope everyone's well.

It's a double storey house. Manhole available for the 1st level, and the ground level does not have access from the top.

Looking to pull 2 new cables to the 1st floor and 1 new cables to the kitchen on the ground floor. The cables are to be from the main switchboard on a separate circuit breaker each.
To fix each end point with 4 power points.

Need to replace existing two circuit breakers with those with a safety switch.

Looking to install 10 smoke alarms and 4 emergency lights. They need to fulfill Class 1B building standards.

To issue electrical certificate as follows:
1. Certificate of Electrical Safety
This is to certify the installation of fire safety. Must have adequate and
well-maintained hard-wired smoke alarms to protect residents.
(Please refer below for more information)

2. Electrical Safety Inspection
1. All electrical installations and fittings must be checked at least once every five
years by a licensed electrician.
2. A record of electrical safety inspection is available to Consumer Affairs
Victoria when requested.
3. A record of electrical safety inspection should state:
❖ The full name and business details, including the licence number of
the electrician who did the safety inspection;
❖ The date of the safety inspection;
❖ The address of the premises;
❖ That all installations and fittings have been checked and found
❖ That the switchboard-type circuit breaker complies with AS/NZS
3000; and
❖ That the switchboard-type residual current device complies with
AS/NZS 3190, AS/NZS 61008.1 or AS/NZS 61009.1

Regarding smoke alarms:
Note: I've bought Clipsal hardwired Smoke alarms.
They're to be installed either on or near the ceiling of any hallway, common areas and every bedroom in accordance with
the requirements of AS 3786:2014 and located to satisfy Section of the NCC 2016 Building Code of Australia
 All alarms to be interconnected to provide early warning of fire to all members of the household

Regarding Evacuation lighting:
Install an evacuation light on each level of the property to assist occupants in the event of fire in accordance with the requirements of Section, Volume 2 of the NCC 2016 Building Code of Australia.
 Lighting can be incorporated with the smoke alarms or linked via a relay to house lighting.

Note: I've bought two spitfires and a Clipsal relay. Happy to get any other items required.


Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Need job done in the next couple of weeks

Budget: $1000 - $1500

Site Visit: Anytime

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: $1,000
Posted: 17 January 2020
Status: Open for quoting
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