Tracey's Electrician job

Electrician - Northmead, NSW

Require licensed electrician for the following:

Items installed with live wire in place but needs connection
1. New power point (with USB)
2. Bathroom Mirror
3. Kitchen cooktop

Replacement of existing fittings
4. Light fitting
5. Bathroom Exhaust Fan (A)
6. Ceiling fan to replace existing 3 down lights (including remote control)
7. smoke detector

New fittings requiring wiring and installation
8. For new ensuite
Internal walls in place and external studs are exposed and wiring exists to site i.e. replacing wet bar with ensuite.
a. 4 way switch ... for
b. Bathroom exhaust fan (B) (light, heat, exhaust) (hole already cut in ceiling and exhaust ducting already in place.
This is replacing two downlights.)
c. Shower down light (hole not cut but is an easy line of sight in ceiling cavity from exhaust fan)

9. New Power Point (B) (with USB)
a. this is on the external wall of ensuite. Plaster board already in place on bottom half of wall for placing socket close to top of plaster board with studs exposed on top half for running wires. Is about 1 metre from 4 way switch for ensuite)

Specific Job Details:

Residential or Commercial:
- This is a residential job

Electrical service:
- Re-wiring
- Appliance Installation
- Powerpoint Repairs/Installation
- Lighting Repairs/Installtion
- Smoke Alarm Installation

Schedule: Not Specified

Budget: Not Specified

Site Visit: Weekdays
Visit during: Business-hours

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 27 October 2020
Status: Closed
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