Zoran's Car repair job

Car repair - Bell Post Hill, VIC

2000 Ford Transit Van Diesel
Was coming back from Melbourne the other day and cooked the engine it seems. Noticed the temperature gauge a bit late and the pin was probably sitting in the extreme position for a while. Eventually was towed home.
Van now won't re-start. It does turn but doesn't start. I'm no mechanic so have no idea exactly what's wrong.
It is a 2000 model so 18 yrs old so gotta be careful how much I spend on it if I should spend anything on it all all.
Willing to pay someone $1000 labor and I will pay for any parts if we can fix it.
Cheers Zoran

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Need job done in the next couple of weeks

Budget: $1000

Site Visit: Anytime

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: $1,000
Posted: 14 January 2019
Status: Open for quoting
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