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General Plumbing In Gwelup, WA

Hi I need to install an irrigation pipe from my water meter in the front yard to the backyard. I need you to cut a channel in my concrete driveway so that I can get the PVC pipe in the ground. Length of channel needed is 8.5m. Please also quote separately on 5m channel- if plumber allows a 45 degree bend in the pipeline then I might be able to route the pipe via a garden bed, enabling a shorter cut.

Driveway will likely be torn up in the next year or two and replaced with brick, so will likely just fill the cut channel with sand.

Needed ASAP.


Schedule: asap urgent

Does customer have a budget for the job?: no

Visit schedule: weekdays
Visit during: anytime

Schedule: Asap Urgent
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 03 January 2017
Status: Hired
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